Experts, customers discuss impact of lower gas prices on car purchases

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SANDY, Utah -- Gasoline prices have dipped down to around the $2 per gallon range lately, and FOX 13 News' Todd Tanner spoke to experts and consumers about what impact, if any, the low prices are having on car buying habits.

Tanner was at the 2015 Utah International Auto Expo in Sandy Friday to talk to auto experts as well as customers. Many of those he spoke with said gas prices are a consideration when it comes to selecting a car, but many said that finding a vehicle that matches their lifestyle matters more.

See the video above for Tanner's live report.

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  • bob

    There will be no real impact on the type of cars people buy. Most folks are smart enough to understand that a 30% drop in the price of a gallon of gas means nothing if you run out and buy a car that uses 30% more fuel. You’ve saved nothing on gas, and added a big car payment.

    A few people will pull the trigger on a newer car just because they have a little more spending money now, but hopefully they’ll understand that the price can (and will) shoot back up.

    Think of this as a temporary windfall.

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