Nearly 200 people attend hearing to oppose proposed ban on wood burning

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah -- A newly formed group called "Utahns for Responsible Burning" is challenging Salt Lake County's wood burning ban, as well as a proposed ban for the entire state that would be in effect annually between November 1 and March 15.

FOX 13's Todd Tanner visited a public meeting organized by the Department of Environmental Quality on Wednesday to see what residents had to say, and the event in Tooele County is the first of seven planned public hearings. The next hearing is scheduled for Thursday in Salt Lake City. It is set to begin at 6 p.m. at the headquarters of the Division of Air Quality.

One woman in Tooele County said they spent about $10,000 to put in a wood burning stove at their home. She said in their rural area, propane is the only alternative for them to heat their home should the ban take effect, and she said making that switch would mean paying about $800 a month to heat their home--which she said they simply cannot afford.

Tanner also spoke with Director Bryce Bird, Utah Division of Air Quality, who said they were happy to see such good attendance at the meeting. He said they are eager to get input from the public regarding the proposal.

See the video below for Tanners' live report and more comments from concerned citizens.


  • One paying too much tax

    Is this the main cause to the air quality problem? If not what is and why not focus action there? Traffic lanes in Salt Lake were changed to bike lanes causing worse traffic problems Which creates more air problems. How about crime and accident scenes where the all the cops stand around doing nothing with their cars running the whole time. A lot of them do not even have emergency lights on. With the wood burning is it going to be enforced equally? If it is then the restaurants that use wood to smoke or grill any food will have to also follow the law like everyone else.

  • Carolyn Alder

    Stand up for freedom. Government is all about control. Rush Valley is different than living in high density downtown SLC; yet lawmakers want to make everyone suffer equally. The bureaucrats know what is best for you. Who cares that everything they do takes away freedom! It is not time to move, it is time to stand up for freedom and get rid of irresponsible legislators. We should outlaw stupidity!

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