Police identify suspect shot by police after knife attack

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DRAPER, Utah - Officials said a West Valley City officer shot and killed a suspect after a struggle in Draper Wednesday morning, and Wednesday night police identified the man who was killed as 34-year-old Jeffrey R. Nielson.

Authorities said West Valley City Officer Jason Vincent, who lives in Draper,  was on his way to work when he saw a person slumped over in a car near 11400 S. and State St. and went to investigate.

Officer Vincent found evidence to arrest the suspect for a narcotics violation and called for back up at about 8:40 a.m.

During the arrest the suspect got free and ran back to his car where they got into a scuffle.

Jeffrey Nielson mugshotAuthorities said the suspect grabbed a knife and attacked Officer Vincent forcing him to shoot and kill the suspect.

West Valley City Police said Officer Vincent is a 12-year veteran on the force.

Authorities said he was involved in a previous shooting in Dec. 2013 and was cleared.

Check back with Fox 13 for the latest updates. 


  • BOB

    Another slow learner fails to follow the simple advice offered by Chris Rock. Come on folks, it really isn’t that hard to avoid getting your a$$ kicked by the police.

  • Deek Windsome

    Um, shouldn’t the last sentence read, “Officers have had less than 20 minutes to deal with what is no doubt a complex situation, so they haven’t been able to give us any specifics.” Seriously, this constant race to be first is killing what little integrity is left in American journalism.

  • Kdc

    You know what’s intersting about all these anti cop demonstrators and former occupy demonstrators? They all eventually get tired of demonstrating and want to go back home and watch their favorite tv shows and things, because they all eventually realize how good we all have it. Now take people like ISIS, their idea of RandR is a little cold rice and eat meat. Those are the people we should be worried about.

  • Common sense

    Attacking anyone could possibly get you shot.. Attacking a police officer with a knife,will surely get you shot..
    The way I see it it’s cleaning out the shallow end of the gene pool.

  • sassy6

    We are seeing more police officers shooting people because there is no respect for the law anymore. What happened to, do what you’re told and you won’t get hurt. For some reason, people think it’s ok to take on the cops. Well, ITS NOT. “do what you’re told and you won’t get hurt.”

  • Robert R. Bowen

    What happened to all the TASERS that everyone was so excited about a few months ago? Wasn’t that the whole idea, saving lives while still being able to make the arrests.

  • Whitley Wilson

    why do cops have to shoot to kill these days it’s kind of getting ridiculous we have all these people out there and you don’t have to shoot to kill them you can just shoot to hert them so they would stop why should I just to kill them they don’t deserve to lose their lives they deserve to learn a lesson not to lose their lives

    • BOB

      Police never “shoot to kill” Whitley. They shoot “to stop the aggressive behavior”. It’s a mind set that you would be incapable of understanding unless you’d gone through the police academy so don’t even bother trying.

  • G. Davis

    Failure to follow a lawful order has become a death warrant. They know what to look for (profiling) and if they can see even the slightest violation they have probable cause to question you. I think it’s our prison based culture that drives them to make arrests. Their militarization is scary and their Wild West mentality is offensive! I am all for cameras and audio. When I was younger the town clowns would confiscate our stuff and let us go. It’s the old shoot first ask questions later problem. We need to develop a long rang taser and take away their guns! There are plenty of non-lethal alternatives.

    • BOB

      The police (town clowns as you refer to them) will take you down, cuff you, and take you to jail for failure to follow a lawful command. It is only when pukes decide to threaten their life or the life of another that they use deadly force.
      As long as criminals carry weapons you can bet your life the police will do likewise.

      See how that works G. Davis?

  • LouAnn

    Sounds like officers need to go back to training school due to to many people are needlessly being killed for no good reason. in washington state a man was crossing the road with a pocket knife and a piece of wood and he was shot and killed by an officer for no good reason, the officer said his life was threatened sounds like what we have hear NO good reason for killing others just because you have a badge DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE just because you have that badge you need to follow protacal and call for back up and wait tell the arrive and then take a person into custody not kill them!

    • BOB

      Perhaps you should contact the Salt Lake County Attorney, Sim Gill, and help him understand why the drug addict who attacked the police officer with a knife was innocent.

      By-the-way honey, Chris Rock explained the “protocol” when dealing with police, and the consequences when you forget your manners.

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