Grant help funds new pollution control initiative in Salt Lake County

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Salt Lake County was awarded a grant that would help reduce tailpipe emissions.

The county put $25,000 toward the new initiative. Funds were matched by a UCAIR grant.

The funding will help enhance the county’s vehicle repair assistance program for low-income car owners.

“It’s roughly $850 to repair each vehicle to get it operating within the air emissions standards,” said Gary Edwards, executive director for Salt Lake County Health Department. “We want to make sure that that money is spent wisely on vehicles that will be able to be…maintained and continue to be utilized by that owner for a period of time.”

For more information and to apply for the program visit


  • bob

    My car could use a tune up too… Too bad, I actually have a good job and make money to pay for my own things, so they wont send money my way… Poor people are just a vacuum on society… We have to pay there way everyday… Entitlement will ruin this country… Also, how many of these poor throw 10% of their small income away to the LDS Profit Machine? 10% of their income could go to fix their own car…

    • bob

      Nice job working hate speech into that post. It was a stretch, but you pulled it off. I never doubted you for a second.

  • bob

    Tune-ups at taxpayer expense. Genius.

    Good thing we have infinite amounts of money lying around. Good thing taxes are so low. Otherwise this could be a really dumb idea.

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