Do multivitamins help or hinder your health?

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Some doctors say supplements and multivitamins are not providing the extra nutrients as some might believe.

In fact, these doctors say the supplements could be causing more harm than good.

Doctors conducted a study to determine the benefits of multivitamins and supplements and printed an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Read the full report here.

Dr. Trevor Cates was in studio to discuss multivitamins and their benefits. she said not all supplements are created equal.

Watch the full interview above.


  • Lorraine

    This is old news, and one should wonder why Fox is putting this out again…

    Almost all vitamin-bashing news and “studies” originate in either ignorance or politics, or both.

    Commonly, anti-supplement arguments and “scientific” studies are little more than distortions of the actual facts (do a search engine query for “2 Big Lies: No Vitamin Benefits & Supplements Are Very Dangerous by Rolf Hefti”).

    The orthodox medical business, along with their sponsored corporate media, have been telling the public misconceptions and lies about the benefits of supplements for decades. You can see that in how widely vitamin-bashing news get broadcast by the popular media, unlike positive news on vitamins.

  • bob

    “Supplements” have NO positive effects at all. They’re a multi-billion dollar scam.

    How did humans survive before pills were invented? This garbage is just modern day snake oil.

    If you’re suffering from actual vitamin deficiencies try mixing in a salad once in a while. But seriously…..when was the last time you met someone with scurvy, or beri-beri? It doesn’t happen.

    All you get is vitamin-enriched wizz.

  • Nathan2B

    I disagree, I had issues with my body over producing Calcium which was causing issues with other things in my Body, I started taking a Vitamin D3 Supplement and with in 2 weeks my Calcium levels were back to normal and I didn’t make any other changes to my diet or anything like that. And I do eat a Salad at least once a week.

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