Family faces backlash for posting video of 14-month-old playing with python

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By Wesley Goheen

Saginaw, MI (WNEM) — A Michigan man is facing backlash after posting a video of his baby daughter playing with a Python that measured over 13 feet long.

The video shows the baby, 14-month old Alyssa, playing on the floor with the snake as it slithers around.

The father says his daughter was never in any danger and he has been handling snakes since he was 18.

Many people who have viewed the video are calling the man irresponsible. The poster addressed some of those concerns, and he said people should realize snakes aren’t inherently dangerous. He also stated that more children are attacked by dogs than snakes. See the video above for his comments as well as the footage of the baby playing with the snake.

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  • Greg

    Wether he has handled snakes or not if by chance the (wild animal) happens to get out of cage and with the baby being allowed to play with it the baby will have no problem letting snake near him then WHAT ???? Yeah an I’m sorry he used to love to play with the snake……. This guy is an idiot and should be some kind if child endangerment charges!!!!

  • jennifer

    It looks like the snake and child were being watched carefully. I am impressed at how well natuered his snake is. That being said, as a previous owner of a few large snakes myself, that snake is not light weight. The girl doesn’t seem to be having difficulties with the snake on her, but I would be wary of putting something that heavy on a wee child.

  • LouAnn

    I sisters friend if they call julias squizzer they had rabbits to feed it and her children petted the rabbit they werent pets they was the snakes dinner. The snake went acter the children and and it also got out and take the neighbors miniature collie your tellin me a python won’t go after at 1314 month old babyI sisters friend if they call juilias squeezer, the kids petted the rabbits thinking they were pets accually they were the snames food, and the snake went acter the children he had to throw a blanket on it and takle it to the ground. snake got out and eat the neighbors miniature collie your tellin me a python won’t go after at 1314 month old baby

  • Brian

    Um, that kid needs to be put somewhere that is safe. I don’t care how “professional”, whatever that means, you think the parent is in the picture. As far as the snake is concerned, that baby is just another meal. Animals are not humans, they don’t have the same emotions or thought process. The snake knows whether it is hungry or not, that is about all. Sorry, but this kid is in danger and this snake can bite and kill a child that small. And I know they are not venomous, but they have one nasty bite.

  • Mimi

    Pythons are extremely strong if they choose to squeeze the life out of someone. It’s difficult to unwrap one of those things from around a person even with two people wrangling it. Those things can bite too, I’ve seen it. Those parents were definitely irresponsible.

    • BOB

      Some parents let their child play with their pit bulls and a lot more children have been killed by their family dog than by a pet snake. Talk about irresponsible parents!!

  • Bode

    “He also stated that more children are attacked by dogs than snakes.”

    While that may in fact be true… that’s because there are probably at least 100,000 homes with a dog (or multiple dogs) to every home with a snake as their household pet.

    You could also make the point that there are even less cases of people being attacked by a pet alligators in their homes, but I still would allow a child to play with one.


    You are a TOTAL QUACK!! Ask the Lion trainer whose lion turned on him about the COMMON SENSE with wild animals!!!

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