U of U professor files document alleging sexual abuse, Prince Andrew among those named

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A University of Utah law professor filed a document on Friday that accuses a member of the British royal family and one of the country’s most famous lawyers of involvement in sexual abuse.

Professor Paul Cassell, also a retired federal judge, filed what is called a motion for joinder, asking for two new accusers to join a civil case he is pursuing against a billionaire in Florida named Jeffrey Epstein.

The lawsuit alleges Epstein used teenage girls as underage "sex slaves" for himself and some of his powerful friends.

The motion lists Prince Andrew, the younger son of Queen Elizabeth the Second, and Alan Dershowitz, a famed Harvard professor and defense attorney. Both men have denied having any involvement in the alleged offenses. Buckingham Palace responded Friday, click here for details.

Cassell's motion goes on to say one of his clients was trafficked, "for sexual purposes to many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders."

Dershowitz has not only denied the claims, but he has also told the New York Times he would pursue disbarment of Paul Cassell and his co-counsel.

FOX 13 News asked local defense attorney Greg Skordas about the Utah professor who has stepped into an international feud.

Skordas said: “I mean, he's a former federal prosecutor, he's a former federal judge, he's a professor at the University of Utah, he's held in the highest regard—and you would expect that for someone like him to put his name on a pleading, and say: ‘I affirm that these allegations are true to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief’--that in fact he's done the necessary due diligence to establish and to justify those type of allegations. “

Still, Skordas said the Utah professor is going after some big fish, which can mean an ocean of trouble.

“The fact is that these are two high-profile people, and so their reputations are at stake, their national reputations, and they have a lot more to lose than perhaps you and I who may not have that kind of national and international esteem," he said.

See below for the text of the motion.

Motion for Joinder in Jeffrey Epstein Case


  • GL

    I don’t know the specifics of this case, but Paul Cassell has proven he only cares about politics, not truth or FACTS , by defending murderer cop (ex cop fired for mishandling evidence, but accused of much more than that) Shaun Cowley after killing 20yo Danielle Willard. Cassell is a sell out tool of politicians, cops, or whoever else needs to buy the help from an ex-Judge. The U of U should fire him.

    • EddieNano

      You obviously know nothing about Prof. Cassell–he has been involved with helping victims of child pornography and child abuse for years. So to say this is “political” is beyond ridiculous. He’s been arguing cases for these victims using the Crime Victims Rights Act for years with little fanfare. And I would bet most of his former students (including myself) would say that the U should definitely NOT get rid of him as he’s a great professor.

    • EddieNano

      Oh and just for the record, he does all of these cases pro bono so how exactly is he “selling out”?

  • Tom Payne

    A few years ago I had the privilege of being a student at the U. of Utah College of Law in two of Paul Cassell’s classes. (Tom Payne is a pseudonym.) Of the many professors there Dr. Cassell was one of the most impressive: he never failed to know the answer to a student’s question and taught the law and legal procedures with a clarity and precision I have seldom encountered. The comments challenging Dr. Cassell’s character and his membership with the Utah State Bar (which apparently originate with Buckingham Palace) merely show me that these defendants do not know who they are dealing with.

    Where Dr. Cassell has signed his name to a court filing, I am positive that he will believe every fact, claim and charge recited in it, and that that belief will have been carefully evaluated beforehand with substantial and supporting evidence. I cannot vouch for Prince Andrew or his fellow defendants, for I do not know them. I can for Dr. Cassell. Let these defendants have their day in court, and let the truth vindicate those who are truly deserving.

  • Trish Ramirez

    I know this wouldn’t apply to your average citizen, such as Alan Dershowitz, but doesn’t Prince Andrew have diplomatic immunity? I mean, I know dragging his name into this gives it a bit of a punch, but can this victim ever hope to have any kind of justice against a British Royal, regardless of the crimes committed against her? I’m not saying that she shouldn’t seek it and have her day in court, but can she ever hope to do anything substantial against this person? Not to mention that people who mess publicly with the royal family have a habit of meeting inexplicable bad ends?

    I hope this woman and her attorney get the justice they seek, because these s e x slave rumors are rampant and largely believable, it would be good to see someone held accountable, even if its only on paper.

    • bob

      I think it would be good to see some actual evidence for a change. People do LIE, you know. And the lie most often for the most obvious of reasons: MONEY.

      That’s why we have a right to the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven. Unless we happen to be famous, of course.

  • bob

    Another bandwagon has joined the parade.

    Funny how there’s never a bandwagon for somebody WITHOUT a lot of money……

  • Stuart McDonald

    Crystal Gail Mangum, an African American, falsly accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her. In November of 2103 she was sentenced to 14 to 18 years in prison on an unrelated murder conviction. Before convicting Prince Andrew would it be unreasonable to ask for some evidence pointing to his guilt?

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