Report: Wearing a hoodie in public in Oklahoma could soon net you $500 fine

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Wearing a hoodie in a public space in Oklahoma may soon be against the law, and the person behind the proposal said they are motivated by a desire to keep people safe.

FOX 13 News sister station KFOR in Oklahoma City reports that the state has had a law on their books since the ‘20s that bans the use of hoods during crimes, but a state senator reportedly wishes to expand the law. The law was reportedly initially passed in response to activity by the KKK.

Senator Dan Barrington spoke to KFOR about the motivation for amending the current law to make it illegal to hide your identity in public.

“The intent of Senate Bill 13 is to make businesses and public places safer by ensuring that people cannot conceal their identities for the purpose of crime or harassment….Similar language has been in Oklahoma statutes for decades and numerous other states have similar laws in place. Oklahoma businesses want state leaders to be responsive to their safety concerns, and this is one way we can provide protection.”

The fine for violating the proposed amendment to 21 OS 1301 would be a $500 fine.

Many in Oklahoma spoke out against the bill, saying it restricts freedom.

“I think this is a violation of an individual’s right to choose what they want to wear as long as it doesn’t violate the realm of public decency and moral values, and I think this could be very problematic,” attorney James Siderias told KFOR.

The attorney added that he thought the legislature is just tyring to make the state “a little bit safer,” but he said in doing so they have over-reached a bit.

Click here for local coverage of this story from KFOR.


  • joann

    They are not going to stop people from wearing the h oodies further more they keep you warmer under your coats I work as flagger with the stop sign its no different then a hat and sweater I love them hoodies

    • Robert Kelley

      People who wear them on the job like yourself for instance, would not be given a second look, but you gotta admit there has to be someway to stop criminals from hiding their identity!, would you like it if the courts refused to put a killer of one of your family members just because he tried to conceal his identity by covering up any part of his head ?, I THINK NOT – – YOU’D SCREAM BLOODY MURDER! and demand something be done about people hiding their identity’s!….

      • bob

        “Banning hoodies will prevent crime.”
        “Banning guns will prevent crime.”

        Explain the difference in the logic, Robert.

        Why not ban SHOES, since bad guys can run away faster if they’re wearing shoes? Ban FOOD, since you can’t commit a crime if you’ve starved to death. Ban S E X, because without it no criminals would be born in the first place.

        CRIME is illegal, Robert. Committing a crime demonstrates that you don’t follow the rules. Adding more rules doesn’t make them any more “criminal.” It just adds another layer of idiotic bureaucracy.

  • Ivan

    What about wigs, dark sunglasses, and hats? what about fake beards or even clown costumes? Will they give out tickets during halloween? A criminal that is already going to commit a felony will not care that he might get a small fine if some cop stops him while he is hiding his identity before his crime.

  • Ivan

    What about the guy dressed as santa that asks for donations some might consider that harassment plus he is concealing his identity.

  • Robert Kelley

    A hoodie should only be worn in the winter or when temperatures are 50 degrees or below!, anyone caught wearing one out in public when temperatures are above 50 degrees should be fined and anyone caught hiding their identity by covering their identity with anything should be arrested and do some jail-time!…

    • Packet Guy

      Robert Kelly: Yeah! And no gloves, either! Why should we let you hide your fingerprints? And your name should be required to be etched in the soles of your shoes so that they leave an identifying imprint everywhere you go! Yeah! And your car should have its license plate number painted on the roof, so the police can identify you from the air! We don’t want any fleeing felons getting away! In fact, we should have checkpoints at every intersection so that police can conduct mandatory searches any time a crime is committed. Would you like it if a killer of a family member got away because of THE FOURTH AMENDMENT? You’d SCREAM BLOODY MURDER! In fact, anyone screaming bloody murder is probably a BLOODY MURDERER! He should be arrested on the spot.

      Now we’ll be safe.

  • Robert Kelley

    People who wear them on the job for instance’s or in temperatures of 50 degree’s or below would not be given a second look, but you gotta admit there has to be someway to stop criminals from hiding their identity!, would you like it if the law enforcement were not allow to do their job and prevented from putting a criminal behind bars just because he tried to conceal his identity by covering up any part of his head ?, I THINK NOT! something be done about people hiding their identities!, if you haven’t done anything wrong then you need not cover or hide your identity while out in public!. a fine of $500 is in the right step! “WE MUST HAVE THIS LAW!…”

  • Raeleane Darling

    I think they take is going to far by telling people what they can and cannot wear. I didn’t like it when my kids were told they had to wear certain clothes to school and no blue jeans….I really don’t like this law.

  • bob

    That’ll be struck down in about ten seconds flat.

    What country do they think this is? I have hoodies that I wear in public, and I’m a 50 year old white conservative. What they’re really saying is BROWN PEOPLE can’t wear hoodies in public.

    I can’t believe ADULTS, in the 21st century, came up with an idea like this. The exact same people would argue (quite correctly) that “guns don’t cause crime.” But hoodies do?

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