Rally supporting police held in downtown Salt Lake City

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SALT LAKE CITY – There was a rally in downtown Salt Lake City Saturday, and those who attended were there to show their support for law enforcement personnel.

Members of the 10-78 Foundation, which believes in improving officer safety and educating the public on police issues, gathered in downtown Salt Lake City with signs supporting police.

Barry Boulton, the foundation’s co-president, said people need to hold themselves accountable when it comes to interactions with police.

“You know, holding yourself accountable to what you’re doing at that time–whether it is right or wrong,” he said. “If you do the crime you’ve gotta be willing to pay the time.”

A post by the group on Facebook showed the crowd of pro-police picketers.

The foundation hopes to influence people to show more respect toward police officers. The rally comes after there have been many protests nationwide against what some view as unnecessary police violence. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


  • GL

    I wish the cops would stop killing innocent people out here like Dillon Taylor who are unarmed, innocent, and committed no crime… If they would be held accountable maybe us civilians would like them better. If there are any good cops why don’t they stand up to the bad ones like Shaun Cowley who kills an unarmed 20yo girl, steals evidence, lies, gets his unit disbanded, yet not ONE “good cop” helped turn him in, they all covered for each other and lied. The only people at that ten person “rally” are cops and their family because everyone else is sick of them getting away with murder…

  • bob

    All respect to the good cops. But cops in general don’t “keep us safe.” Do you have a cop at your side 24/7 as your personal bodyguard? Is there one standing on your porch, or perched on your roof with binoculars and a sniper rifle?

    You’re “kept safe” by two things:

    1. Luck.
    2. Yourself.

    Cops investigate crimes. They do not prevent crimes. They can even deter crimes, to some extent, but they can’t prevent them. They draw chalk outlines around the bodies and look for the killers. If cops “kept us safe” there would be no crime. No car accidents. Etc.

    • miles (dave)

      lately ive really enjoyed a lot of your comments especially the one on gun education. however id like to throw my 2 cents in.

      im a huge fan of responsibility so i love number 2 with yourself. but id change number 1 from luck to chance. i say this because i believe the best deterrent to crime is a better moral position for the people you will encounter. a better moral position will give you the best chance to be safe than any other i know of. however if i am to be responsible, my encouragement to other people only go so far so thats why i also like option two, yourself


    “Response Time” is a concept that the liberals can’t grasp. It is the time measured between when they place their call to 911 for help and the time the police arrive to put up crime scene tape and photograph the victim’s body. Liberals are willing to bet their lives that 911 won’t put them on hold while conservatives are deciding whether to go for their .357 or their favorite 9mm.

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