Davis Co. Attorney wants convicted child killer to die in prison

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Courtesy of the Salt Lake Tribune

FARMINGTON — In a letter to the state parole board, Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings asks for convicted child-killer Stephanie Sloop to die in prison.

“We respectfully request this Honorable Board enter a decree stating Stephanie Sloop will never go free,” Rawlings wrote in the letter obtained Saturday by FOX 13.

Sloop pleaded guilty recently to first-degree felony murder in connection with the death of her 4-year-old son, Ethan Stacy. He was reported missing from her Layton apartment in 2011. But prosecutors said the boy was abused so badly, he died. His body was disfigured and buried in a shallow grave near Powder Mountain.

The horrific child abuse case triggered statewide outrage, with protests and demands for the death penalty. Ultimately, Sloop and her husband, Nathan Sloop, struck plea deals in Ethan Stacy’s death that resulted in life sentences for both.

In the letter, Rawlings said the boy died because “Stephanie Sloop was fixated on herself.”

“Stephanie Sloop cared about her own life-style. A lot,” he wrote. “Tragically, Stephanie did not care much about the life of her young son.”

Read the letter from the Davis Co. Attorney here:

The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole will make a determination of when Stephanie Sloop’s first hearing would be. Nathan Sloop’s first parole hearing has been scheduled in 2055.


  • bob

    I propose a modest compromise: As soon as her victim has his life back, she can go.

    Fair enough?

    Until then: ROT, you worthless meat sack.


    She and her husband, the boy’s stepfather, took a hammer to her son’s face in an effort to conceal his identity. Then they buried him a shallow grave.

  • Trish Ramirez

    This is the best, most positive piece of media that has come out of this case/story since it was originally reported on as a missing child, as reported to the authorities by the monsters that murdered this poor baby. I hope that the Board has the wherewithal to exercise its authority in this case and to exercise and impose this decree. As she can no longer be subjected to the death penalty for her terrible crimes, this is the most appropriate and fitting end to her first and hopefully only parole hearing.

    She should not spend her time in prison buoyed by HOPE that she will one day walk free, contemplating and daydreaming about a possible future in which she will breathe free air. She should spend every second of the rest of her life defeated by the knowledge that she will NEVER feel free sun on her skin or make a choice for herself without first asking permission. She should spend every moment of the remainder of her life in abject fear that one of her fellow inmates will torture her in the manner in which she tortured that beautiful child – not her son, but the son of a family who loved and cherished him and who will mourn his loss and have to live with what he went through for the rest of their lives.

    She should have to suffer all of these things and so many more, and even if she DOES, she will not have endured a fraction of what she put that baby through.

    Justice can never TRULY be served in this case, the loss was too great, but if this request is honored, it will be much closer to the real thing.

    I’d like to see the County Attorney file a similar letter in the Nathan Sloop case, as well.

    • Kathy

      I don’t think they need to do the same for Nathan as his first parole hearing isn’t for another 45 years!! That means, if he actually LIVES that long, he will be 81 years old! I’m sure, if Troy is still alive, he will do the same…LOL! I will be respectful and not make fun of your ignorance. Nathan is going no where and will most likely die in prison. Savor it! Stephanie, on the other hand…well let’s just say, she won’t be nearly as old when she goes before the parole board…one might be surprised even. And in closing, I will only say this….you make MANY assumptions pertaining to Ethans life with his “other” family. You won’t accept this and that’s on you. I just know better.

  • jack offerman


    • Kathy

      No body raped Ethan Jack.?????? But yeah, I agree, Utah has a very large pedophile populace. Makes one wonder what that’s all about. I have my theories but that’s all they are.


      Would you care to provide a reliable reference to back up your bigoted claim or is this just the opinion of someone who lives an alternate lifestyle?

  • Kathy

    Just an F.Y.I…..she already has a parole date. She was given it a few weeks ago. I will not disclose what that date is. :)

    • Trish Ramirez

      Kathy, I am aware of Nathan’s parole hearing. But he shouldn’t have the HOPE of a release at ANY time to cling to, either. He should suffer the same hopelessness as his enabler. You can worship Stephanie all you want, it’s looking more and more likely she will die where she is, which is all the sane public hopes for now that the death penalty is off the table

      And it’s pretty disgusting that you can find the audacity to disparage the family that was raising Ethan safely while defending the monster that killed him brutally, however that kind of stance speak loudly of the kind of character your comments have displayed for years. However, I have noticed you have stopped displaying your full name all over the place, so one has to wonder if you haven’t invited the kind of instant karma you deserve on at least one or two occasions.

      I don;t know how familiar YOU are with the Utah Parole Board, but if the county attorney can pull this off she’ll never get out – so if you want to worship her up close, you’ll have to do something to get yourself to the Point. The way you support her behavior, I have a feeling you already emulate her if you happen to be a mother or caregiver yourself, so it’s only a matter of time.

      Either way, I have no doubt that this woman will never rest easy again for the rest of her life, her fellow inmates and likely even the guards wouldn’t mind taking justice into their own hands, if she DOES get released, there will be plenty of people waiting and willing to handle the situation that the State didn’t.

      However, as I said previously, she doesn’t even deserve to have the HOPE of a future outside of the prison, so I do hope the Board nips that in the bud so she wallows in the darkest place possible for as long as possible.

      I noticed that she was crying in court – was she crying in court while she was marrying Nathan and her son lay dying in a bathroom? Doubtful.

      As for the date of her parole hearing, I don’t need to get that information from YOUR lying soul – it will be all over the news.

      • Kathy

        Trish, You are aware that Nathan will be 81 years old and Troy will probably be DEAD before he can even GO before a parole board, yet you think he should send a letter…lol…alrighty then. I do not worship Stephanie, I have had many conversations with her and with Becky and with Michelle AND with Nathan because I, unlike others, like to base my discernment on FACTS. I have not begun to disparage the “family”…I know so much about “the family” that I actually see all sides unlike most who only see what they want you to see. Remember, Becky and I were friends at one time and she told me a lot of things….as did Stephanie and Michelle. I have not put forth any of that to the public, only that they aren’t all they are “cracked” up to be. I never stopped displaying my full name. I post the same every time I post…if they are displaying it differently or partially, that would be their policy I haven’t changed a thing. I have raised my daughters already to be wonderful, productive citizens and I don’t believe in spanking…never spanked them once. So, I will just chalk your “opinion” of me up to ignorance and out of control emotions. Yes, you will find out her parole date…I already know it though….cuz remember, I worship Stephanie.,lol. Stephanie has made friends with many women already and actually prefers the prison to Davis county because they take better care of you there. She knows she has to adjust to prison living and has done very well thus far as she was in population for the last few months at DCJ and had a bunkie for nearly two years while there. She will be in pop fairly soon and has a large number of friends already because of the time she spent in DCJ. Even Troy writes in his “parole letter” that she was confused, on way too many drugs and the circumstances were not the best…go ahead, read it again. I do what I do for Stephanie because I have found a way to forgive her…YAY for me because otherwise, it would’ve killed me. I do what I do because I understand and have compassion for her. I’m sorry others can’t do this…I can…and if that makes me a lying soul as you put it….so be it, I wear it with honor…but I can guarantee you this much…A liar I am not. Ask “the family” if “she” would like me to be honest and see what “she” says. I have nothing to hide and I am willing to put myself completely out there…as I believe I have already done but it is so hard for others to believe that someone could actually FORGIVE her for this. I see all your rage, at them, at me and it saddens me but it will never deter me from doing what I know in my heart to be right. You go ahead and think what you want about them but then I guess I could turn around and accuse you of worshiping them couldn’t I? It’s called compassion and forgiveness Trish, two words and actions that MOST people today are not capable of implementing in their own hearts, this is not my problem although of great concern to me for the well being of humanity as a whole. But you cannot force someone to be compassionate or to be loving and understanding or forgiving, that has to come from the heart. Stand hard and fast in your righteous indignation Trish…eventually, someone or something will knock you right off that “self justified” pedestal you’ve placed yourself upon.

  • Lance Pierce

    One can only hope that these 2 oxygen thieves DIE in prison. That little boy didn’t stand a chance and neither do these two useless pieces of manure.

  • Matt

    This just is unreal. Both of them deserve the death penalty. To do what they did to that boy is hideous. Our society does not need to take care of these folks for the rest of their lives. Death would be a relief to us and them.

    • Trish Ramirez

      I agree wholly, Matt. I think the prosecutor feared getting a couple brain-dead twits (with an ‘a’) like Katherine Merritt (aka ‘Kathy’), a known pro-Stephanie troll, on the jury and this monster walking free for the rest of her life. While I am infuriated that she wasn’t put on trial and the death penalty sought, I am beginning to more fully understand their reasoning. All it takes is a sympathizer or two, and you have a mistrial and/or a not-guilty verdict. At this point, at least the public can be consoled with the hope that she may never again breathe free air – and they certainly don’t have to worry about her walking free in a year due to a botched trial or misguided juror.

      • Kathy

        Of course they feared getting a couple of critical thinkers on the jury who might see reasonable doubt and hang the jury. Careful with the name calling Trish, that’s really poor form and if you want to go there, keep it up and we WILL go there. Your anger at her not going to trial stems from your lack of understanding of the law so it’s self inflicted due to ignorance. Yes, I sympathize, Yes, I forgive, Yes, I have a heart. Nothing will quench your thirst for blood though, and I am the evil one….lol….that truly is laugh out loud funny as none of you can see yourselves clearly. There is no justice for Ethan, there never was and never will be no matter what. He is dead and nothing will bring his body back, he is in heaven now and has no need for justice….justice is for the living with big egos! My full Name: Kathryn Ann Mathewson Merritt and formerly Anderton….just so you understand, I have no fear of being who I am or anyone knowing I support Stephanie Sloop. Clear enough? I certainly hope so.

      • bob

        Defend the animal all you want. She’s a murderer, and is going where murderers go. I delight in thinking about how she’ll suffer in prison. She deserves every second of it.

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