Protesters against police violence march at SLC EVE celebration

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SALT LAKE CITY -- As New Year’s celebrations were underway in downtown, protesters were also out rallying against police violence in Salt Lake City.

The protesters began at the Wallace F. Bennett Federal building, 100 S. State Street, then marched to the Salt Palace, 100 S. West Temple, where the Eve Celebrations were taking place. The march was part of the larger national movement against police violence.

“We want to raise awareness and let people know that we understand and we realize that the police are abusing their power,” said protester Ash Davis. “They kill indiscriminately, they never are held accountable -- nobody asks questions, they sweep under the rug and lie...then vilify the victim after that. And we’re not going to take it anymore and this protest is part of the national, the international, movement for that reason.”

Protesters were still out when the laser show and massive mirror ball were displayed outside at midnight.


  • BOB

    Once again Chris Rock explains how not to get your a$$ kicked by the police. Follow those helpful pointers and learn from the example slow learners suffer.

  • M

    I was dating a guy for a couple of months when one night he got so intoxicated that he started hitting and choking me. I remember thinking this guy could kill me but I did not want to call the police, Ogden police, because I feared they would shot him. I stayed calm until I was able to leave. I did report the assault the next morning and was told no would not file charges because I cannot prove what happened to me. I do not trust the police.

    • Nick

      You are very brave, and you did the right thing. I was in a similar situation with my female partner. She was angry one night: smashing my possessions with a butcher knife, and throwing things at me. I was afraid she would break a window, or actually hurt me, but I feared calling the police, knowing they might arrive and shoot ME. I am a Black male.

      • BOB

        Perhaps M and Nick should be more selective in the future when it comes to their choice in partners. People who chose to date drunks and maniacs get no sympathy from decent society.

    • BOB

      You remind me of the Palestinians who fire unguided missiles into Israel and then scream bloody murder when Israel responds. If you behave yourself you’ll get along with the police just fine.

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