Under new Nevada law, chronically truant students will lose driver’s licenses

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By Tiffany Murphy

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Las Vegas (KVVU) — A new year brings with it new laws, and one that’s going into effect in 2015 will hit high school students where it hurts.

If a student has too many unexcused absences, his or her driver’s license will be taken away for 30 days on first offense and 60 on second. If a student has yet to obtain a license and has numerous unexcused absences, that student won’t be able to get one until the situation is rectified.

SB 269 will take effect Thursday. It’s designed to ensure students are in classrooms at least 90 percent of the school year.

Students will have to print a form available on the Department of Motor Vehicles’ website which their respective schools will sign off on. Only then will they be able to obtain a license.

In the event a student has too many unexcused absences, a truancy officer will confiscate that student’s license and mail it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

If a student breaks the rules a third time, he or she will have to become compliant and repeat all the steps needed to obtain a driver’s license, including having a picture taken.

David Fierro with the Department of Motor Vehicles said that other than creating the aforementioned form, his office has had no formal discussions with the Clark County School District about enforcement.

“There’s not been a coordination of how the school districts will enforce this. Our only piece is their license,” Fierro said.

Clark County School District Assistant Superintendent Tammy Malich said some parents in the district are disengaged. Others, Malich said, will drop their kids off at school, but those students won’t attend.

“I am a parent and I don’t necessarily need a statute that needs to tell me how to parent, as a parent. If you live in my house and I pay your bills, I don’t need a statute. You won’t drive to school, and not because of Senate Bill 269,” Malich said.

If a student turns 18 years old during his or her ineligible period, that student will still not be able to obtain a license.

“We’re looking forward to any initiative that encourages kids to attend school, because if they are not in school, it makes it very difficult for them to pass classes and then graduate,” Malich said.

There are a handful of other new laws which will take effect on Jan. 1. Nevada’s first-ever court of appeals will be launched. It’s designed to reduce the Nevada Supreme Court’s caseload.

Also, a new law will give people the option of registering recreational vehicles and some utility trailers for three years rather than annually.


  • miles (dave)

    im not sure if this is a good idea or not. i like it because it may be what it takes to get some kids in school. but on the other hand what if it were you or me. sure im not a child any more but i think the laws should be built to treat everyone equally. i feel its almost like if they said everyone who dosnt get the new legally required obamacare health insurance gets there license taken away as well.

    in every other situation i can think of the legal reaction to breaking a law is jail time or a fine, or in some cases they will enforce a reaction relative to your crime like for someone who wrongfully shoots someone, they cant have guns or if you abuse kids you cant be around them, or if you drink and drive enough then they will take away your license. and all those make sense to me. but a drivers license or driving a motor vehicle has nothing to do with school.

    i cant think of a legal consequence that isnt ether a fine or jail time or something relevant to the crime, that sounds like its out of place

    i just dont think its ok if they said if you dont pay your taxes on your car then you cant own a gun until you pay the taxes on your car.

    i dont know what do you guys think?

  • Student

    I am a student in high school, a Junior, and in my opinion, this law is ridiculous. It’s not because I like missing school, I never do unless there is a reason. I think this law will only make it harder for teenagers to get to school because a lot of them drive there. If you take away their license for not going to school then they can’t go to school. I have my permit right now as do a lot of my friends and we’re not sure, but we are hearing around that if we have had more than 3 absences this school year than we no longer have our permits. I have four absences so my permit is being taken away before I even knew that could be a consequence. This seems like a bad punishment for working on our own education. Most teenagers i know care about their futures so they try in school, and if they miss a day a logical consequence could be more school work instead of limiting our transportation.

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