Watch: Homeless man given $100 and secretly followed to see how he would spend it

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Josh Paler Lin wanted to find out what happens when a homeless man receives an unexpected $100 in cash.

Lin picked a random man, who said his name was Thomas, and followed him around with a camera to see how he would spend the cash. What happens next may surprise you.

Use the video player above to see what happened.


    • Angela

      You obviously don’t live in a city. I live walking distance to two “liquor stores” and a bus ride to the nearest grocery(savemart ). Liquor stores are convenience stores. Often more food items than booze.
      I’ve often give to the corner liquor store for milk, juice, soup and small food items. They’re usually priced the same as the nearest grocery. Getting to a Walmart or Winco takes time and money, so a few items from the liquor store makes sense.

      • ?

        I’ve been to a liquor store in Compton a couple years back. Prices were comparable to 7-eleven. If the guy was smart about money, which I’m guessing would serve him well, he would have gone out of his way to get to a grocery store to save some money. Distance for homeless people does not cost them much as they can setup shop pretty much anywhere.

        The guy that made the YouTube video is a known prankster. Why all of a sudden make a video like this? Especially around the holidays? To make money off people that are gullible. There’s a lot of editing and some of the clips are in the wrong spot, not in chronological order. The homeless guy went from SR-91 to John Marshall Park and passed by a lot of other food stores. I looked it up on Google Maps. There is a Food4Less just north (0.4 miles) of where he was panhandling. Last time I checked, Food4Less is about half the price of a convenience store.

        The biggest problem I have with these videos is that the people that make them are looking for recognition which leads to more money either from this video or subsequent ones. If he was so concerned about the guy he shouldn’t have put ads on his video. You can enable or disable ads on YouTube videos that you upload. Trust me, I’ve made money from videos on there. If he wanted to recoup his $100, he could have stopped the ads at about 100k views. That usually equals $100 on YouTube. He’s at 12 million views now with ads still rolling. So he’s made $12,000 from his $100 investment. I bet the homeless guy isn’t going to see any of that money.

      • Natasha

        Why would you go to such an extent to prove this video is fake, when you could just believe it is real and enjoy it? Seriously. People like you make me sick.

  • bob

    Not buying it. It was silly enough even before he went into his “insurance” rant.

    I’ve bought meals for “homeless” people carrying “I’m hungry” signs and then watched them throw the food in the garbage. I’ve watched them being dropped off in their designated locations by a van, and seen them picked up at the end of their shifts. I’ve seen multiple “homeless” using the same dog or child as a prop.

    I contribute to a charity that provides food, clothing, shelter, education and job training to anyone who asks… long as they are willing to provide a token amount of WORK in exchange.

  • Alden

    This is sick, why would you give him money just to follow him around? they’re not lab rats you can just give a piece of cheese and see where they take it. they’re people, not subjects you think you have a right to do your little “social experiments” on. If you want to help them, help them. don’t exploit them just so you can get a spot on a t.v. news program.

    • NotHeartwarming

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. There are other videos like this, using the homeless for entertainment. It’s sick.

  • random person

    There are some people who are injured vets out there who lost everything fighting for our freedom so some people do it to make six figures a year there is a man near me he is in a wheel chair lost his legs in Iraq and he gets a ride to Walmart in a van from someone who lives by the shelter he holds a sign asking to wash your windows for some change I have watched this man struggle to do this but he does and I give him money if I can if it is a 5 or a few 1s and I don’t make him wash my windows not everyone out there does it cause they want to they do it cause they have to because they hold a sign doesn’t mean you know there story not every person holding a sign is the same as the next I hope some people have seen other home less vets holding a sign and just because they don’t have anything wrong with them that you can see doesn’t mean they are not suffering on the inside

    • Michele Brown

      The way I see it…no matter what that person standing there in the heat or cold still has it worse than I do sitting in my air conditioned or heated car. God doesn’t ask us to give expecting anything in return, we are to give with a chearful heart. Once you have given the money away, it is no longer yours. Therefore it is not your business what the person does with it. Just be glad that you have done something kind for someone… It’s a wonderful feeling! I’m sure God gave us this feeling for a reason! So give and enjoy that you have…unconditionally. Anything that you do “from the heart” is going to feel pretty special!

  • HM

    Daily mail exposed this video as a hoax. Video was sup posed to show good but it’s just a scam that made the alot of money 52,000 from posting on YouTube alone…

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