Preventing exposure key to keeping babies healthy during the holidays

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SALT LAKE CITY – Pediatricians are advising parents to put extra focus on keeping newborns healthy during the holiday season.

Pediatricians at the Riverton hospital say exposure is a big thing parents have to worry about, because a minor cold for an adult could be a big deal for an infant.

Doctors advise against taking a newborn to holiday parties, where they could be passed around to a lot of people. If you do take your baby, make sure everyone is up to date on vaccinations and that they wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling the baby.

Parents should also take extra caution around other public places like stores or restaurants.

“The other thing to help with protection against illnesses, they should probably have their car seat cover over them when they’re going to be at grocery stores, or at restaurants, things like that. So an inadvertent sneeze doesn’t go right in their face,” said Dr. Sadie West, a pediatrician at Riverton Hospital.

West advises parents to always ask people if they’re sick, and if the answer is “yes,” tell them they can hold the baby in a week or two.