KSTU FOX 13 News: Utah’s News Leader Wins All Newscasts – Again

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SALT LAKE CITY – KSTU FOX 13 News once again leads all local news stations in all newscasts in the Salt Lake City television market. The most recent November Nielsen ratings show a widening gap between FOX 13 and the competition. In the competitive early morning news race, FOX 13’s Good Day Utah has 75% more viewers than #2 KUTV 2-News. And what was a virtual tie this past May in the late evening news, now has FOX 13 News at Nine with a sizable lead over its 10pm News competitors. 2014 has seen KSTU FOX 13 News move ahead of all local news stations in morning news, weekend morning news, midday news, early evening news (both 4pm news and 5pm news) and late evening news in all key demographics.

KSTU FOX 13’s recent ratings gains started in September 2013 with the launch of “Fox 13 News Live at 4” in addition to adding one of televisions’ most popular sitcoms, “Modern Family,” to its programming schedule. KSTU FOX 13’s audience growth in the November 2013 sweeps continued in February 2014 despite stiff competition from the popular Winter Olympic Games on KSL/NBC. That growth trend has accelerated in the May 2014, July 2014 and November 2014 sweeps periods. Concurrently, FOX 13 News has always been recognized as Utah’s leader in social media reach, with more followers from Facebook and Twitter than all other local news outlets.

FOX 13’s advantages over all competitors are in the A25-54 and A18-49 demographic groups -the predominant industry measurements. Below are the November 2014 numbers for Adults 25-54 from A.C. Nielsen:

EARLY MORNING NEWS Monday-Friday 5-6 a.m.:
FOX 13 (#1) scored a 14% advantage over KUTV and 80% over KSL in the advertiser-coveted A25-54 category (FOX 13 8,000, KUTV 7,000, KSL 3,000, KTVX 2,000.)

EARLY MORNING NEWS Monday–Friday 6- 9 a.m.:
FOX 13 (#1) scored a 75% advantage over KUTV and KSL and 133% over KTVX
(FOX 13 21,000, KUTV 12,000, KSL 12,000, KTVX 9,000)

WEEKEND MORNING NEWS Saturday-Sunday 7-9 a.m.:
FOX 13 (#1) scored an impressive 55% advantage over KUTV (FOX 13 14,000, KUTV 9,000) Note: FOX 13 and KUTV are the only local stations producing weekend morning newscasts.

MIDDAY NEWS Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-1 p.m.:
FOX 13 News Live at Eleven (#1) edges out KUTV Noon News with a 4% advantage (FOX 13 9,400, KUTV 9,000, KSL 2,000, KTVX 1,000)

EARLY EVENING NEWS Monday-Friday 4-5pm.:
FOX 13 News Live at Four (#1) more than doubles KTVX 4pm News (KUTV and KSL do not air newscasts at 4pm) (FOX 13 9,500, KTVX 4,500)

EARLY EVENING NEWS Monday-Friday 5-6 p.m.:
FOX 13 News Live at Five (#1) wins the highly competitive early news race again as was the case in the recent May 2014 sweeps. Fox 13 has a 13% advantage over KUTV and 28% over KSL (FOX 13 15,400, KUTV 13,600, KSL 12,000, KTVX 7,500)

Note: Fox 13 does not air news in the 6pm hour, but 25 year veteran comedy The Simpsons easily outdraws all local and network newscasts in the hour.

LATE NEWS Monday-Friday 9-10:30 p.m.:
FOX 13 News at Nine (#1) has pulled ahead of all the 10pm Newscasts as Utahns prefer the earlier hour and a full 65 minutes versus the later 35 minute versions. After May’s virtual tie with KUTV, Fox 13 News at Nine scored an impressive victory with a 21% advantage over KSL and 22% advantage over 3rd place KUTV. Fox 13 has 154% more viewers than KTVX 10pm News. (FOX 13 40,600, KSL 33,500, KUTV 33,200 KTVX 16,000)

“Overall viewership for television increased this Fall, which reversed a trend we saw in 2013. It is particularly rewarding to see the growth in FOX 13 viewership lead the pack among all our local competitors. Audience numbers grew in every hour of broadcast for FOX 13, be it local news, first run syndication including daytime’s #1 talker – Live with Kelly and Michael, #1 Doctor – Dr. Oz and everyone’s favorite Judge – Judge Judy, our popular sitcoms Modern Family, Seinfeld and The Simpsons and FOX Prime. I would like to take this holiday season to express my gratitude to the many hard working journalists at FOX 13 and our viewers who continue to make FOX 13 – The Place to watch! More to come on that little tidbit in 2015…” said Tim Ermish, President / General Manager.

“Our commitment is to breaking news and digging up important local stories that viewers can’t find anywhere else. And they responded,” said Vice President of News Renai Bodley.

KSTU-FOX 13 News: More Local News and More Local News Viewers Than Any Utah News Station

With over 55 hours of live, local coverage per week, KSTU FOX 13 airs more local news than any other Utah broadcaster. FOX 13 began broadcasting 3.5 hours of news per week back on New Year’s Eve 1990 with Nick Clooney as their first anchor. It was dubbed “Nick at Nine!” At various points KSL, KUTV and KTVX all attempted to produce a 9 p.m. newscast on partner stations in the market, but all attempts failed to garner any significant viewership. FOX 13 also leads the market in the social media field with over 600,000 Facebook fans and the market’s largest news Twitter following.

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  • Finny Wiggen

    Not surprised. KSL has lost their way.

    They are trying to be both an LDS station, while also a liberal station. The two do not go together. LDS families are largely conservative. While liberals don’t want to hear LDS stories. By mixing the two, they have shot themselves in the foot.

    If you talk to someone from KSL they think they are unbiased. They even take pride in it. I had to suppress a giggle in a recent conversation I had with a KSL reporter. Her bias was so evident, despite her insistence that she didn’t have one.

    Add to this KSL’s almost NAZI-like control over their comment boards, where any dissenting opinions are not allowed to be posted, and you can see why and how they have alienated their formerly faithful viewers. Their moderators delete posts that are not vulgar, not mean spirited, not inappropriate and that only express an alternative view to their liberal perspective.

    This is unfortunate. The manner in which KSL has driven their audience away over the past 5 years would make an excellent case study for a college class.

    They have essentially turned themselves into the Craigslist of Utah.

    Until they choose sides (either liberal or LDS) or better yet, stop expressing any bias… and until they stop surpressing the views of their viewers who disagree with them, they will continue to nosedive.

    • Steven childs

      Really, Finny? You don’t see what you just said, do you?

      You said KSL is trying to be LDS and liberal. So, what you mean is, they are BALANCED.

      Then, at the end of your post, you said they have to “choose one side; LDS or liberal, and not be biased.” So, what you’re saying is, they have to pick one side of the spectrum and NOT be biased? How do you do that?

      Are you that stupid? Stop and think about what you wrote.

      • Susan Riggs

        i thought the same thing reading finny’s comment. She says ksl shot itself in the foot reporting on lds and liberal stories??isn’t that what a news station is supposed to do? Report on both sides?

        Its funny she says the ksl reporter she allegedly spoke to didnt realize how bias she was being. But, finny doesn’t realize how ridiculous her comment is. Don’t be biased make sure you only choose one side. So dumb.

        Its also funny this article is about fox 13 and all she talks about is ksl. Its the same when the tribune does a story on their news gathering partner channel 2. All the comments are about ksl. Why is that? Finny?

      • Finny Wiggen

        I will slow down for you.

        KSL is trying to be both the liberal station in the State as well as the LDS (who are mostly conservative) state. Which is a dichotomy that does not work. The two positions drive each audience away. They need to pick one, or the other.

        Now… pause… breath… separate… The above are the actions taken by KSL…

        Okay? You with me? Now we are moving on to MY views, which are entirely separate from what KSL is doing…
        I personally wish that they would simply offer a nonbiased news coverage…

        The former represents KSL’s actual business practices, while the latter, my wishes…
        Did I go slow enough for you?

      • Finny Wiggen

        @Susan I have no idea as to the motives of other people, and why the comment about KSL. I can only share my own motives.

        In my case, I am still rooting for KSL. Their news room is amazing. They have built a tech hub that would make CNN envious. Every so often I go back, hoping that they have improved. Only to see them air a news story with an ultra liberal bias, and to then have appropriate comments deleted by their mods, when I disagree with their views.

        No one else in the State has news reporting capabilities like they do. I like Fox13, but they do not compare, when it comes to frequency of stories, or expanse of coverage. Though I have no idea of actual numbers, I would suspect that for every 1 story that fox13 publishes, KSL publishes 20. Touring their newsroom is like touring the NSA. I like reading news.

        I can’t read ksl, because I can’t stomach the bias, without an ability to respond. So I find myself reading the Tribune and Fox13. While the Trib also has a very strong liberal bias, they at least allow me to disagree with them in comments. Fox 13 is very balanced, and though I don’t find myself disagreeing with them, I am still able to express my views if I do.

        And yet, even with the two combined, I still do not get half the news that I would, if I could read KSL. I truly want them to wake up, and return to who they were five years ago. I will return, and so will many others. But the clock is ticking.

        As they cede the advertising dollars to Fox 13 and Channel 2, these networks will inevitably build a news network to match that of KSL, while KSL’s will become to heavy for them to continue sans funding. And frankly, I will be okay with that, so long as someone fills the gap, and I get my news.

        The bottom line is that you can’t force your customers to comply with you. You have to offer them what they are looking for. Which is why Fox 13 is thriving, and they are dwindling.

    • Adam Leshter

      Finny Wiggin. My great-grandfather is a holocaust survivor during WWII.

      Are you truly comparing how KSL moderates its message board to what Nazi soldiers did to Jewish people?

      • Finny Wiggen

        Adam, your comment is almost not worth responding to…
        No, I am not comparing the mods to German Nazis (which is obvious) I am comparing them to the soup nazi, to feminazis, and a million other “nazi” euphemisms, which are commonly used in everyday English. It is a common phrase that means to be be super aggressive in promoting or controlling something.

        But of course, you know that, and were just attempting to mock offense.

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