Update: School apologizes for replacing blind boy’s cane with pool noodle as punishment

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The school that took a blind boy’s cane and replaced it with a pool noodle as punishment is now apologizing.

The North Kansas City School District admitted it made a mistake and has returned the cane to the 8-year-old boy.

The school district released this statement to WDAF:

“The District has reviewed the situation. We regret that a mistake was made in making sure the student was in possession of his cane when he boarded the bus Monday evening.

The District has apologized to the family and is working to rectify the situation.”

After the incident, the National Federation of the Blind donated a new cane to the boy so he can have an extra one at home.

Source: WDAF


  • Johnson

    When I read the title the original article I was upset but upon reading I think the school made the right choice they’ve an obligation to protect other students from being assaulted . I hope the. Boys parents taught him it’s not ok too hit others with his cane.

    • Sparks

      Johnson I don’t agree with you! A cane is the only thing familiar to someone who is blind. Could you imagine being in an unfamiliar place and having the only thing you knew taken away from you? It wouldn’t be fun for you! There are other ways to discipline someone if it was true that he did hit another child!

      • bob

        If he beaned another kid with it then the cane became a weapon, by definition. You don’t say “play nice, little Johnny” and then give him back his switchblade, right? They have an obligation to ensure that he CANNOT use a weapon.

        Parents should have been called immediately and told that he just used up his only “strike”, and that any further use of his cane as a weapon would result in his being permanently banned from its use.

        A child’s right not to be assaulted trumps the assailant’s right to carry a cane. Sometimes rights conflict.

        They have special schools for violent kids who cannot or will not control themselves.

        All this is based on my ASSUMPTIONS about what happened, but I wasn’t there so I’m as clueless as you are. I’m speaking hypothetically.

    • twesz

      You actually have no idea what went on, so saying they made the right decision is a pretty presumptious statement to make. Reading further you might find that people don’t think he was being violent, and that the bus driver read his behaviors incorrectly. That being said, the way they proceeded with what was intended to be punishment, was a poor choice to make. There were many options, and this was an ignorant one.

      • bob

        He clearly stated that is opinion was based on a hypothetical situation. YOU don’t know what happened either, so YOUR pronouncements are based on a hypothetical.

        They made mistakes no matter what the situation, but disarming an assailant is never the wrong choice.

  • bob

    I’ll comment theoretically, since I don’t know what actually happened, but it sounds like the boy was acting out and using his cane as a weapon……as little boys will sometimes do.

    Being blind doesn’t give him any more right to bean someone with a stick than a seeing kid would have. If that’s what he did then the school MUST disarm him. Their mistake was in not immediately contacting the parents and dealing with the problem the way they’d deal with any other kid using a weapon. Being blind does not grant you immunity from responsibility.

    And they should certainly have returned his cane once he calmed down and the situation was resolved. If he continued with the behavior he would have to be sent home and not allowed back until there was some assurance that he would stop assaulting the other kids.

    • Alice

      How could you say something like that???? God! He is BLIND! He need the cane like you need your eyes. If a child bite his/her friend, you will take out their teeth?? And No, we don’t know the exact story, but that punishment isn’t “right” in any situation, even if you rule out the possibility that other kids might make fun of him at the time , which totally common among kids . He misbehaved? You told him to sit in the corner, you yell : “don’t hit your friend”, you call his parent and tell them about it. You DO NOT take away a cane from a blind child EVER!!! It’s soo sad to see how cold and cruel people can be nowadays and for someone to be okay with that? Just one question though? How old are you? Are you or were you a bully at school? I just ask hoping you say you are 12 or something, so I lose all hope in people.

  • Lee

    I’m glad he now has a spare cane to use the school finally saw what a bully it was taking a disabled student’s cane

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