Police: Victim in Sandy shooting has died; suspect behind bars

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SANDY, Utah — A 26-year-old woman who was shot in Sandy Thursday morning has died, and the man who confessed to the shooting is behind bars at the Salt Lake County Metro Jail.

Sandy police said Candice Melo was shot at least three times in the head and torso while trying to flee the residence.

She was found lying in the driveway of the home. According to a probable cause statement, 52-year-old Larry Kent Graff, who lived in the home with Melo, told officers he was responsible for shooting her.

Graff was arrested and is expected to be charged with one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

Officers said they originally pronounced Melo dead but later found a faint pulse. She died later in the hospital. The investigation started when police were called to a home near 350 E. and 9560 S. Thursday morning after neighbors reported hearing multiple gunshots.

"I just heard pop pop. Pop pop pop, two separate shots and then real quick fire after that, said neighbor Kevin Kelson.

Kelson, like many neighbors living along the street, was getting ready for work when he heard the gun fire.

"I looked out my window, I actually ducked because it was so loud," Kelson said. "I actually grabbed my gun because I didn't know what was going on, cracked my window to hear, and then I just heard all the neighbors screaming."

Police said the woman had been living at the home for only about a week. She was not in any sort of intimate relationship with Graff.

Authorities said a second victim who was not injured, Michael Grimsley, said there was an argument and Graff shot at them while chasing them from the house.

A witness led police to Graff, who was arrested at the scene.

West Jordan City Police had a warrant out for Melo's arrest for failing to appear at a November court hearing regarding a misdemeanor drug charge.

Police had also visited the Sandy home as recently as October regarding a criminal investigation.

"We did serve a search warrant on that home regarding a drug investigation and these prior criminal investigations are not related to this current incident being investigated," said Sgt. Dean Carriger, of the Sandy Police Department.


  • sarah

    Really? . . her warrant has nothing to do with her being shot . . who cares about that let her rest in peace and with dignity . . R.I.P. . you will be forever cherished Candace . . much love and respect


      No, the warrant for her arrest over a failure to appear on a drug charge has nothing to do with her being shot. There are, however, occupational hazards associated with involvement in illeagal pharmacuticals, and Larry Graff turned out to be one of those risks.

  • kris martinez

    the only thing that matters here is a young mother has been shot to death fleeing from her residence,over an argument……what the heck is this world coming too.. i knew candice personally, she was a great person what she chose to do behind her own closed doors has nothing to do with being gunned down over an argument. she leaves behind a daughter who will be the one who will have such loss in the end. so tragic. i hope thru this all she gets the peace she deserves. god rest your soul candice


      The story says West Jordan City Police had a warrant out for Melo’s arrest for failing to appear at a November court hearing regarding a misdemeanor drug charge. What kind of example is that to set for her daughter?

      • Kryss

        I don’t feel you have any right what so ever to comment on her motherhood everyone has made different choices for themselves I’m sure you’ve made a few decisions you wouldn’t use as an example for your children either however to disrespect a woman like the way you have in this kind of situation you have some nerve Jewlzz

      • JEWLZZZ

        KRYSS – Today’s children need role models who’s example they can follow. If you think having a warrant out for your arrest on a failure to appear on drug charges sets a good example for your children then you are sadly mistaken.

  • Michelle

    There is a fundraiser to help the family with the costs they are now facing. If you can donate go to gofund.me/j4k284.

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