Woman accused in Draper officer’s death takes plea deal, is out of jail

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DRAPER, Utah – A woman accused of killing a Draper police officer is out of jail and may avoid future felony convictions after she accepted a plea deal Tuesday.

Traci Vaillancourt entered a “no contest” plea to reduced charges in the September 2013 shooting death of Draper Sgt. Derek Johnson.

Draper Sgt. Derek Johnson

Draper Sgt. Derek Johnson

In the agreement, the rest of Vaillancourt’s jail time is suspended and she will now face misdemeanors instead of second-degree felonies.

Back in July, Timothy Troy Walker admitted to pulling the trigger and ending Sgt. Johnson’s life.

Walker was sentenced to life behind bars and his ex-girlfriend, Vaillancourt, is accused of being  his accomplice.

Walker was spared the death penalty, but only in exchange for his guilty plea.

On Sept. 1, 2013, Sgt. Johnson was getting ready to head home when he spotted a parked car.

He stopped to ask if the driver needed help and that’s when Walker opened fire.

Police said Walker also shot Vaillancourt and then turned the gun on himself around the same time he allegedly opened fire on Johnson.

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    • BOB

      There was a time when she was much younger and before getting a rare blood disease when she in fact was very beautiful.

  • Stephanie J

    Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!! She bought the gun, the drugs, the car and has a past criminal record! Sure, he pulled the trigger but her getting off this easy makes no sense!

      • Hunter

        Wow Victoria chill out. Think of how you would feel if someone took the life of someone you loved. This officer was innocent, he did not deserve to die. He died because of the choices and actions of these two people. So you need to shut your trap

      • Trish Ramirez

        People in Utah tend to think that the only lives that matter are the lives of people in positions of authority. If a cop is killed doing the job they chose and are paid to do, it is a public tragedy. However, in Utah, homicide BY cop is the second most common form of homicide and has been for years and people seem to largely believe this to be a wonderful state of affairs. Don’t let them get you down, they are incapable of critically thinking.

      • BOB

        TRISH RAMIREZ – In Chris Rock’s video “How not to get your a$$ kicked by the police!” He references Danielle Willard who was shot by West Valley Police. Follow Chris’s tips Trish and the police won’t kick your $$s.

      • Trish Ramirez

        So, Bob, you are admitting that the police in 2014 America are as bad as Nazis – taking the law into their own hands rather than following the letter of the Constitution that would protect citizens from low IQ thugs with the psychological profiles of playground bullies? I mean, the ‘just doing our jobs’ defense didn’t protect the Nazis from being charged with crimes against humanity and being put to death when their reign was over…

  • katamb-Midvale

    What happened to her that she’s got her arm in a sling and is on oxygen? And wasn’t she pregnant when she was arrested? Would like to know.

    • Victoria

      Hunter I KNOW FIRST HAND she is my sister! My condolences FIRST & FOREMOST goes out to the Johnson family so don’t say another thing when I KNOW!! No, she was & is not pregnant.

      • gobobsheartattack!

        Victoria I do feel for you, bob does not understand family dynamics and you need to pity him. He is born a product of incest so his brain does not function well………. It’s his birth defect.

    • gobobsheartattack!

      Hey bobby, we have a huge plate of lard and were wondering where we could deliver to. Just trying to hasten the end of the suffering we all have to go through every time you open your foul fat disgusting mouth.

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