Utah report cards are out; Check how your child’s school scored here

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The Utah Office of Education released the grades for 2014 and state education leaders are speaking up.

Every year officials hear much criticism about the school grading system.

This year is no different, especially with the released of two report cards.

Some are saying the system may not be in the best interests of the students.

GRADES: Check how your child's school scored here Top 5 middle schools 2014

Elementary/Middle School Grades:

A - 13%
B- 45%
C- 31%
D- 8%

High School Grades:Top 5 high schools 2014

A - 5%
B - 45%
C - 30%
D - 11%
F - 9%

This year the new Sage test results were factored into the grading.

It is a computer adaptive test designed to test each child based on their own abilities.

As a result, some schools have seen a drop in proficiency levels.

So, should parents be concerned?

Some educators say the grades do not give parents a complete assessment of their child's school.

"They don't measure the things that are really important; the climate of the school, the parental involvement," Utah PTA President Liz Zentner said. "There's so many other things to measure. One grade just can't do that."

The governor's new PACE report has also been released; it grades schools across the state in math, reading and science performance.

It also shows the demographics of each school with graduation rates and ACT scores.


  • Jonathan

    As I scroll this, it is clear that the highly coveted charter schools are doing no better but in many cases worse then public schools.

    • Finny Wiggen

      My wife and I have allowed our children to pick which schools they want to attend. As a result, I have three who attend charter schools (two different charter schools), two who attend our local public school, and two who attend a private school.

      From a parent’s perspective I can say without reservation that the public schools are better. They have solid curriculum, ample support structures, and developed processes in place.

      The charter schools have enthusiastic visions, but they lack the maturity , depth, and professionalism that our students get in the public school.

      I am not going to move my children who are in charter schools. They are getting a good education regardless. However, as a dad, without a dog in the fight, but who has a front row seat, I can say without reservation, that our kids are getting a better education in the public schools than they are in the charter schools.

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