UHP helicopter crashes in Wayne County

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BICKNELL, Utah — A state helicopter has made a “hard landing” in a remote part of Wayne County.

The Utah Highway Patrol said one of its helicopters was participating in an antelope capture when it “experienced a loss of lift” and went down in an area near Bicknell. The helicopter was only 15 to 20 feet above the ground.

Four people were on board, UHP officials said. No one was injured.

The incident will be investigated by the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Federal Aviation Administration.


  • M Berlin

    What the hell is the UHP doing Antelope capture? It sounds like the pilot settle with power. Flying a Plastic Helicopter I am amaze no one got hurt.

  • Moroni Breitbart

    A ‘loss of lift’? C’mon helicopter pilot wannabe’s, we speak a certain ‘language’ in the industry that speaking outside of (as in this case) immediately tells of your competence levels.

    If you are the same outfit that took the pictures a few years back of the AS350 shut down up on a mesa, you are idiots and would have been fired for such a stunt.

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