Officers shoot 1,000-pound cow after it escaped slaughterhouse, ran through town

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POCATELLO, ID – Authorities said they were forced to shoot a 1,000-pound cow after it escaped from an Idaho slaughterhouse and ran through the town.

According to WXIN, the heifer jumped a 6-foot fence and led animal control on a mile-long chase through several neighborhoods Sunday.

Officers said they shot the animal because they feared it might hurt someone after it ran through a playground and nearly caused a car accident.

The Idaho State Journal reported the cow rammed an animal control truck and two police cars as it barreled through the area.

WXIN reported police shot the cow earlier in the chase but the bullet didn’t faze the bovine, it continued to run residential streets until officers shot it again later.

MORE: See the full story from WXIN


    • bob

      Whatever happened to thinking things through?

      1. It was about to be killed anyway.

      2. Beat cops don’t carry animal tranquilizer guns.

      3. What makes you think a Taser designed to work on a 180 pound human would work on an animal ten times as big? And what do you do after you taze it, even if it DOES go down? Handcuff it? It wouldn’t stay “tazed”, genius. Neither do people. Recovery takes a couple of seconds.

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