Alleged ‘Dumb and Dumber’ reference postpones sentencing for Utah convicted killer

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PROVO, Utah – A man convicted of killing his wife will be back in court for sentencing after alleged misconduct by the prosecutor.

Back in Oct. 2012, Conrad Truman was convicted of killing his wife, Heidy, and was to be sentenced Monday.

However, last week his attorney filed a motion asking for arrested judgment in the case.

Ron Yengich claims there was prosecutorial misconduct, including a reference the district attorney made in closing arguments to the movie, “Dumb and Dumber.”

The defense will file some additional motions while it reviews transcripts of the case, meaning there will be no sentencing until February at the earliest.

Meanwhile family members of the victim and the defendant spoke.

So even though sentence was not rendered Monday, since family members were ready to speak, the judge allow them to do so.

Everyone will be back in court Feb. 9 to review the findings.

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  • Mikee

    Why did it take me having to scour the internet and read 8 different articles to find the actual reference from the movie that was used? Can you really call yourself a journalist if you can write this story and not wonder, or explain, what was actually said that would generate such a title for an alleged ‘news’ article?

    • Timm

      Why on earth would you leave this comment without telling us what the reference is? You’re just as bad as the writer of the article.

      • Shaun

        At trial, Johnson quoted a character in the movie who, when told there is a one in a million chance he would have a relationship with a woman, responds, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

  • May hell treat them well if he's innocent

    The judges conduct in allowing the alleged victims family a public forum to speak is as egregious as that of the prosecutors. They weren’t witnesses testifying in the case and they didn’t have a right to speak. It’s one thing for the judge to allow interested parties to speak during sentencing and another to insult the integrity of the legal system and force the accused to listen to people speak long before there is any sentencing hearing. If innocent yet convicted of a crime he didn’t commit this would be an insult to his right not to be put through hell by his accusers. If he’s found innocent on judgment day by God the family, prosecutors, Judge and jury will have to spend time in hell.

    • BOB

      By definition Conrad Truman is a convicted killer. The victim’s family has every legal right to address the judge, and the convicted killer will cool his heels in jail until he’s sentenced and transfered to prison where he belongs.

  • BOB

    When Orem Police Cpl. William Crook went to the door the night Heidy Truman was murdered he found Conrad Truman at the door covered in blood. Heidy was laying facedown on the floor with a bullet hole in her head. Probably why the jury convicted him of her murder.

  • bobsareidiots

    Yengich, why don’t do grab bob and bob and take them bowling? Then you’ll really get to see dumb and dumber, or fat and fatter….. P.S isn’t there some scumbag drug dealer or child molester waiting for you to get them off?


    With a little luck Ron Yengich should be able to milk some more money out of the government defending this outstanding citizen. In the meantime Truman can spend Christmas behind bars.

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