Revealed: McDonald’s shows what is really in the chicken nugget

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So what really is in a McDonald’s chicken nugget? Is it pink slime? Do they use the whole chicken?

Well, now the fast food chain itself is revealing the truth in its promotional video series entitled “Our Food. Your Questions.”

What’s in the chicken nugget? Watch the video above to see the answer.


  • not yours

    Despise these VIDEO stories online. If I wanted to watch a video I would watch the newscast. I go online to actually “read” the story. Geeze but who am I?

  • Ellie

    So…anybody who was willing to sit through 7 minutes of chicken nuggets want to enlighten us as to what’s actually in McDonald’s chicken nuggets?

  • "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

    They obviously are getting hit in the wallet. …I honestly don’t believe this food industry has been lying for so long. We have not eaten here in years and will never again.

    Sorry Mc Donald s your too little too late explanation doesn’t cut it..

  • miles (dave)

    i watched it. they had mythbusters grant imahara (i dont care to find how to spell his real last name) at the Tyson plant (yes the same Tyson you see sold at wal-mart and other places). they showed a lot of people working at the the plant, cutting the whole chickens just like you would at home, then they showed the cuts (parts) of the chicken they use, then they showed the grinder where the meat is ground just like hamburger, then they explained that the product is given a batter and then partially cooked then sent to mc.donalds to then be finished cooking then served,

    heck even if it did have pink slime, feat, beaks, etc in it, that dosnt bother me (yet) the important question to ask is not dose it have that stuff in it but how dose my body process the pink slime and beaks and feat. which they said all those things are not in the product, anyway.

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