Study lists the 10 most dangerous places in Utah

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SALT LAKE CITY – When many think of Utah, crime may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

In fact, according to the FBI’s uniform crime report, Utah is one of the safest states in the U.S.

But that doesn’t mean our state is crime-free.

The real estate blog, Movoto, has just published its rankings of the 10 most dangerous places in Utah.

South Salt Lake comes in at No. 1 with Salt Lake City close behind.

The blog stated it looked into Utah’s cities with more than 10,000 residents.

Then it checked the FBI uniform crime report to tally various offenses including murder, violent crime, property crime and total crime.

The 10 Most Dangerous Places in Utah:

1. City of South Salt Lake
2. City of Salt Lake City
3. City of Ogden
4. City of Washington
5. City of Tooele
6. City of Brigham City
7. City of Cedar City
8. City of Sandy
9. City of West Jordan
10. City of Payson

MORE: See Movoto’s complete study 


  • Michael

    Dawn they didn’t make this list to make people in west valley feel cool it’s not on the list get over it .
    it’s not as bad as a place as the others no where is that bad in utah though

    • Mike

      Rose Park is part of Salt Lake City which is #2 on the list… So no, West Jordan wouldn’t be “more dangerous than that”

  • BOB

    MELISSA KENNEDY – An unbiased judge heard all the arguments and ruled accordingly. No different than the grand jury who heard the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, determined who was telling the truth, and ruled accordingly.

    There are occupational hazards assocated with the illegal drug business, and decent people have no sympathy for the consequences paid by those involved.

    • Melissa Kennedy

      You can’t sit there and tell me that I am delusional. I did not consider an unbiased judge. You were not in that courtroom. You did not see him tilting his head back and fall asleep. I bet you would not believe me when I tell you that other attorney’s told me that they have seen that same judge fall out of his chair during court. Then he rules on fictitious stuff. Cowley never re holstered his gun. Paul said,”Lets just say Cowley put on clean jeans that day”. Who knows if he did or did not. How would that have anything to do with whether Danielle’s car touched him when the evidence said that nothing from Danielle’s car was on cowley’s jeans. I could go on and on. But, what that judge made a ruling on did not happen. Why should he care anyway. He retired 3 weeks after the prelim hearing. There are so many holes in the story and so much evidence that was ignored.

    • Melissa Kennedy

      I don’t know what this 1-0 you and Lindsey both must think this is a football game. This is a person’s life, or in this case, death. After all of our messages back and forth the only thing that comes to mind is how I felt before this all started with my child, I felt the same way you do. It took loosing my daughter to open my eyes to the fact that people make bad choices and they eventually pay for them. Danielle paid with her life. But the fact that one person decided to be judge, jury and executioner. That person should pay, especially when they did not have the right to take all three of these people. Cowley got his day, although, I will never believe that the judge made his choice was objective. Let Danielle be at peace and don’t speak of people that are no longer here to have a voice. Open your eyes before someone in your family is killed because of a bad decision they made. Somehow, I don’t think that will ever happen until something horrible happens to a member of your family. I loved in a bubble that only good people were allowed in. My children, although they are not perfect, are still my children and I will never just sit and let people like you have the last word when you decide to judge my daughter. You have no right. I feel sorry for you.

      • BOB

        MELISSA KENNEDY – Drug dealers and drug addicts are a plauge that hurt innocent people who have their hard earned belongs ripped off to support their illegal activities. Unlike Utah County sheriff’s Sgt. Cory Wride West Valley police officer Cowley got to go home alive to his family at the end of his shift. It is unfortunate the drug user threatened his life with her car.

        Most of us learn from the mistakes of others. Sadly, some of us have to be the others.

      • BOB

        MELISSA KENNEDY – The YouTube video by Chris Rock “How not to get your a$$ kicked by the police!” explains it far better than I can. :)

      • Melissa Kennedy

        You just proved my point. You don’t have any idea of what really happened. You are one of THEM, You will never know and you will never open your eyes to what is really going on in this world and you sure as heck did not know my daughter. You go on with your petty little life and listen to these cops that are “going home to their families” after they steel, lie, sleep with their informants. OH, WOW!!! isn’t that what you said drug users and dealers do? Well cops do it too. Keep your blinders on, and when you decide to open your eyes to what these guys really do then we can talk. Otherwise when one of your children get killed by a cop we can talk again.

      • BOB

        MELISSA KENNEDY – You must be referring to West Jordan police officer Walt Brockholt that entered a burning car last week in an attempt to save the man that was trapped.

  • exeioh

    “Some places simply didn’t report data to the bureau in 2012, so once we eliminated those, we were left with a total of 37 places. ”

    So, the reason WVC isn’t on the list is because they don’t report their crimes to the FBI. Kearns and Magna are part of the County, I suspect the report only looked at incorporated cities.

  • Mark

    All of you shocked about Kearns not being on the list, need to hear one thing. Almost all of the crime you hear about on the news that is reported to have happened in Kearns is 10-20 blocks outside of the actual Kearns Township limits, but they don’t want Taylorsville, West Valley, and West Jordan residents to get upset.

  • Robert

    I lived in wvc for 3-4 years I lived in one of the nicer neighborhoods but my car got broken into once. Never really worried about being hurt or killed or anything. Earlier this year wvc was ranked #5 on America’s most dangerous cities but it didn’t make the list for crime it made the list due to the number of accidents that happen out there. Its a big city and a lot of ground to cover and what you may think is wvc when driving, it may actually fall under salt lake and not wvc

  • mary Ellen

    How in blazes is cedar city above places like Kearns or Murray .. Those towns are drowning in crime!! Heck I live here because there us next to no crime!! I lived there 18 months for graduate school and car was broken into 3 times .. In all the time I’ve lived in cedar (12 years) I’ve never been broken into!! This article has no credibility IMHO

  • Oliveti

    I have lived in the South Salt Lake area for 15 years and to this day, still am. And to be honest, a lot has happened around here, but we are not as dangerous.. Surprised City of Salt Lake City hasn’t ranked number one (that is Glendale and Rosepark).

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