Freight train kills bicyclist in Woods Cross, crews investigating incident

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WOODS CROSS, Utah - Authorities are investigating after a Union Pacific train hit and killed a bicyclist early Tuesday morning.

Officials were called to the scene near 900 W. and 1500 S. where 49-year-old Jesse Western was hit by the freight train at about 5:45 a.m.

Union Pacific officials said the 95-car train was heading into Salt Lake City from Chicago.

It was dark and authorities said the conductor and crew did not see the victim until it was too late.

Investigators are working to figure out why the man was on the tracks when the train came through.

Woods Cross officers said Western had special needs and frequently rode his bike in the area early in the morning.

Union Pacific said it has sent three teams to investigate: one for the conductor and crew, another to check the warning devices and a third to check the train itself.

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  • grant

    No affect on frontrunner?!?!?!?! the tracks were closed and there were HUNDREDS of peoplewaiting for busses to pick them up and take them to north temple. they opened the tracks when they determened it wass safe.


    They want to investigate to determine how the accident happened? They were probabl;y both trying to occupy the same space at the same time.

  • Bruce Alan Bradshaw

    The headline is incorrect. It should say: Cyclist Gets Himself Killed While Traveling in Front of Freight Train in the Dark

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