Congress reaches spending deal to avoid shutdown

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(CNN) — Negotiators on House and Senate spending panels agreed to $1.1 trillion government funding bill, they announced Tuesday, just two days before federal agencies are due to run out of money. As part of the spending bill Democrats and Republicans have also agreed to attach policy provisions on a range of issues — including measures to roll back environmental regulations, rules for possession of marijuana in the District of Columbia, and changes to financial regulations for banks. “This bill fulfills our constitutional duty to fund the government, preventing damage from shutdown politics that are bad for the economy, cost jobs and hurt middle class families,” said Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Democrat, and Kentucky Rep. Hal Rogers, a Republican, in a joint statement. “While not everyone got everything they wanted, such compromises must be made in a divided government. These are the tough choices that we must make to govern responsibly and do what the American people sent us here to do.”

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  • Hanna Han (@xypygusexy)

    More spending, huh? In an administration obstinately opposed to real growth policies, and an education system that generates workers that can barely read, the best anyone can hope for is part-time and minimum-wage jobs…. Do we really need the govt to spend more?

    Taking all of these forces together, you get Obama’s dream: a drop in the standard of living of the affluent accompanied, by redistribution of wealth to the Democrat-voting minimum wage employee.

    Just take myself for example – I was laid off in 2010 shortly after the start of the recession. I’m highly skilled in my field (chemical engineer), yet have been bouncing around from job to job all making starting salary numbers, despite being 40 years old.

    Paying my mortgage is a struggle. Paying my health insurance is worse ($475/month from Freelancer’s Union). I am forced to buy cheap bare minimum car insurance ($18/month from Insurance Panda) and the worst homeowners coverage ($55/month from CalCo). My daughter is forced to attend a public school that is in increasingly worse condition. Yet here I am, unable to afford a quality education for her. I can only assume it is MUCH MUCH WORSE for other people.

    Now if Obama manages to avoid any significant voter-identification legislation and manages to reduce/eliminate deportations while keeping open the border, all of his dreams come true!

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