Utah cops face discipline for misconduct

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SANDY -- The agency that certifies and disciplines all police officers in the state of Utah considered the cases of 13 officers accused of misconduct.

The offenses ranged from falsifying applications and sex on duty to an officer driving drunk in his patrol car with his child along for the ride. Altogether, the Utah Peace Officer Standards & Training Council disciplined 10 officers at its quarterly meeting on Monday.

They are:

  • Troy Anderson, who received a 2 1/2 year suspension for a DUI;
  • Talisa Black, a former Tooele City police officer whom POST said received a 2-year suspension for assault and domestic violence in the presence of a child related to a family fight;
  • Jacob Boehme, a Logan police officer, was given a 6-month suspension by the POST Council for disorderly conduct and a BCI violation stemming from a family fight;
  • Charles Crosby, a former Cedar City police officer, was given a 3-year suspension by POST for sex on duty with a woman while he was in uniform;
  • Brandon Done, a former Weber State Police Academy Cadet, was given a 2-year suspension for falsifying an application to POST and not disclosing information about prescription drug use in a timely manner;
  • Shawnn Hartley, a former police cadet, was given a 2-year suspension for falsifying a POST application for not disclosing a prior use of marijuana in a timely manner;
  • Wendy Horlacher, a Utah Dept. of Corrections officer, appeared before the POST Council on a gambling accusation for using her work email to set up a SuperBowl betting pool. POST investigators said she disclosed it to her superior, accepted responsibility and the council took no action against her for it;
  • Jared Hughes, a former Sandy police officer, was given an 18-month suspension for a DUI;
  • Mark Puett, a former Utah Dept. of Corrections officer, was given a 6-month suspension for criminal mischief related to a hunting incident;
  • Jed Imlay, a former Cedar City police officer, was given a 4-year suspension for a DUI with a minor in the vehicle and leaving the scene of an accident. POST investigators said Imlay crashed his patrol car into a barrier with his child in the vehicle and he was intoxicated at the time.

(Three officers' cases were held until March so they could answer the accusations if they chose to do so.)

On Monday, POST told FOX 13 that it had 109 active investigations into allegations of officer misconduct. With nearly 9,000 certified peace officers in the state, the police agency insisted that the number of officers who had their certification suspended or revoked still amounted to less than one percent of the total force.

With recent officer-involved shootings in Utah and across the nation, police officers have faced protests and criticism. POST said in light of events in Ferguson, New York and locally, it would be reviewing its training for cadets on excessive force, conflict resolution and use of less-than-lethal force.

POST Executive Director Scott Stephenson told FOX 13 he supported increasing the number of hours cadets got training on ways to resolve confrontations without drawing guns. Stephenson has already increased training for cadets on dealing with mentally ill people.

"We're being more proactive and so reviewing these use of force situations are very valuable for us as we develop curriculum," he said. "So we can make sure these officers are not only being very compassionate, but also at the same time, protecting themselves."

Stephenson also said POST supported the idea of body cameras for officers, but did express concerns about cost and who maintains the video.


  • Ben Alire

    Why aren’t the police departments do dip dip back ground checks on their officers. Are jobs in the public do. My be they are all family or in laws. Should do a study on that

  • swoodbu3

    This is bull#%$t. These officers should never be allowed to be cops again for violating the very thing they punish others for. How about give them the SAME treatment as the rest of the population for these actions? Nope… somehow, they are better than the rest of society so they should get special treatment. Sickening.

    • swoodbu3

      I understand most of these say “former” police officer, but when their suspensions are up, what is to stop them from becoming officers again in other states? That was my point. And for those who say “shouldn’t everyone get a second chance? etc” think about this before saying that… yes, everyone should, but to be a police officer should hold a HIGHER standard of punishment for violations, not less, strictly for the fact that it takes a really POS person to punish others for the same violations they do themselves. It minimizes and trivializes the importance of every other normal citizen who puts such trust and power into someone’s hands to make sure nobody else is violating these laws… therefore, penalties should be STIFFER… not more lenient. Someone who does that to others and functions under that amount of hypocrisy who is capable of stooping that low should not be allowed to hold that position of public trust and power ever again.

  • AF

    Shame on you Fox 13 “news” the disciplinary actions that are stated here happened in the summer. Shame on you for adding to the hate towards police. Thanks for enhancing the bad behavior of some officers while putting other good officers at risk. As a police wife I thank you for keeping up your ranks while adding to the already stressful though of my husband not coming home. Congratulations on your ranking accomplishments, I will just be here praying that my husband will come home tonight. Thank you for being such great news station and adding fuel to what’s already burning.
    It would be nice if for once your reporters and producers would consider the men behind the badges, the families behind the badges and not just the numbers in your rankings.

    • Anon

      What you ask of Fox13, is precisely what the people have been asking from cops for decades.

      It would be nice if for once police and their procedures would consider the men, women and children being arrested and harassed, and the families left behind with murdered children and family members. There I rewrote it for you.

      Furthermore, if the police want to obtain any credibility they must stop investigating their own officers. This needs to be done by a third party with it’s interest serving the people, not the police. The continual justification for these cops that commit murder, will only reinforce the public hate toward police. By police continuing to conduct themselves so violently and use of over the top police action will continue to make police work more and more dangerous moving into the future.

    • brent harrison

      Oh do you mean like the officer that got a two year suspension for domestic violence in front of a child? Is that adding fuel to the hate towards cops? And think when he gets off probation he still has his gun and badge. Now if this was not a cop, this person would not even be allowed a fire arm, but hey if you have badge then you get do as you please. It’s not the news station that’s adding fuel, it’s the cops them self’s. Because as the news stations has pointed out they act like their above the law, with all the deaths of unarmed people over the last couple months and not a cop ever charged.

  • CaseY

    Looks like the officials have failed to actually read the procedures for disciplinary actions. If they had, they would know these offenses are grounds for termination, not just suspension. Plus every individual who fell victim, has the ability to file individual law suits against each official capacity as well. Read the bloody laws you official capacities!!!!! Otherwise you are declared unfit to fill any position of official capacity privilege as granted to you by we the people!!!

    • SheepDog

      Casey, it looks like you failed to read the article. If you had, you would see that what the POST council did was suspend their CERTIFICATION, which is the ability to be a police officer in the state of Utah. The vast majority listed above have already been terminated from their jobs. Read the bloody article and learn the facts before commenting!!!! Otherwise, you are declared unfit to comment on news items in public as granted by we the reader!!!

      • Dub

        Not to mention these officers all face the criminal charges associated with these crimes. Everybody who thinks they get off free with just a suspension to their certification is ignorant. This suspension is only related to their jobs. It has nothing to do with facing charges in court. Even after suspension they will not be able to get another job in law enforcement. If you do not understand the procedure then please keep your ignorant uninformed judgements to yourself.

  • Bobert

    Where are the all the people crying, “The police do not get policed and are above the law”? They get held accountable just like everyone else…

  • Barry Soetoro

    This is a start but we need to do better. How about oh.. I don’t know.. holding them to civilian punishments?

  • Jenney

    In 1998 a Sandy officer drew his gun on me as I walked into my church building for a family home evening event. It was terrifying. I was so confused. The cop was out-of-control, irrate, and began screaming at the other officer that showed on the scene to take apart my car. He mentioned that my car did not fit in with the neighborhood. My case was thrown out in court.

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