Kearns mom accused of dumping baby in trash allowed ‘goodbye’ visit

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KEARNS, Utah -- A mother from Kearns accused of trying to murder her newborn daughter will be allowed to visit the baby.

According to a court order from 3rd District Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills, one “goodbye” visit will be granted to Alicia Englert, 23, next week.

Englert was arrested in August after authorities said she threw her two-day old baby in a neighbor’s trash can.

“That’s a big deal. And they want to make sure that opportunity is provided when it is a safe situation,” said Liz Sollis, spokeswoman for the Division of Child and Family Services.

The visit will take place at a DCFS office in Riverton on Dec. 15. It cannot last longer than 90 minutes, according to the order, and will be terminated if DCFS supervisors feel it is in the best interest of the child.

According to Sollis, granting a visit to a parent, such as Englert, is not all that unusual.

“A parent still has rights,” she said. “Whether they are incarcerated, whether they are in their home or homeless, wherever they may be, they still have their rights, and they are still a part of that process when trying to determine the custody of a child.”

However, it is not clear if Englert’s custodial rights will be terminated by the courts, preceding or following the visit.

“I cannot speak to the specifics of this case,” Sollis said. “But the primary priority for our department is to make sure that child is safe when that visit is taking place.”

Englert was released on bail in October. As she left the Salt Lake County Jail, she spoke with FOX 13 about the case.

“I’m embarrassed, and I shouldn’t have,” Englert said.

When asked why she would have tried to get rid of the child, Englert told FOX 13 she was scared and suffers from a mental disability.

Based on Monday's motion, due to Englert’s good cause appearing, Judge Elizabeth Hruby-Mills allowed the goodbye visit under the following conditions:

-The visit will be supervised by the Department of Family and Child Services

-The visit will take place Dec. 15 at 1 p.m.

-The visit will take place at DCFS, located at 12537 S. Crossing Drive, in Riverton.

-The visit will last no more than 90 minutes

-Those attending will not discuss the criminal case

-The visit will be terminated at any time if DSFS supervisors feel it’s in the child’s best interest

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  • swoodbu3

    They are going WAY too easy on this person. Here’s something to think about (and I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of backlash form people too scared to consider that this may be the truth)… if this was a MAN, he wouldn’t be getting anything CLOSE to this kind of privileged treatment. How about punishing this woman the same way they would punish a father if he did the same thing and claimed to have psychological problems? AND without showing any remorse (like this piece of trash person)? He would do 20 to life EASY for this. This woman is going to get the easy treatment AGAIN, just because she is the mother. Trash is trash and should be punished equally within the criminal justice system… it doesn’t matter WHAT gender.

    And let the backlash commence:)

    • 'da Renegade Mama

      That’s why we have such a grossly disproportionate number of black folk in prison, right? Because everyone is punished equally in our criminal justice system. Of course, you’re right too with your choice of words: PUNISH is the best answer. Spare the rod, spoil the child — hell, you know what? let’s just mob ourselves up an lynch the kid, ‘cuz mistakes ain’t tolerated ’round here – ‘specially if they’s made by some idjit piece of trash!

      • clewis

        There is no way you could ever birth a child and put them into a trash can outside like rotten left overs, and call that a mistake!!! What the hell is wrong with you?!

  • Brittney Leanna

    A good bye visit really, ya I’m so sure she does not think that what she did was wrong and blame it on a mental problem uhh clearly she knew what she was doing when she conceived the baby But now let’s just let her out and get a visit with the baby to say goodbye whatwas the point of locking her up if she was going to just get a tap on her shoulder. HHopefully that baby girl goes to a great family!!!

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  • L.Mason

    Hey FOX … is there a reason you very clearly put time and location details about the visit in your article? Certainly you’re not trying to raise a lynch mob, right? ‘cuz we sort of have a JUSTICE SYSTEM here in the United States to handle the trial and consequences of actions like this, don’t we. Lynching went out of style in the 1960’s.
    Your blatant call to vigilante “justice” shouldn’t surprise me — after all, you’re FOX — but, somehow, somehow I still believed that the HUMANS behind the smoke and mirrors of your corporate media facade might actually be human. Silly me.

  • Indian Andy

    Perps is sexual abuse cases are not allowed to have contact with the victims. But an attempted child murderer is? Go figure that into parental rights.

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