Utah moms call for blinders on revealing magazine covers in stores

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SANDY, Utah -- Some Utah mothers are upset about magazines they describe as racy and they took their concerns to Sandy City Hall Tuesday night.

The concern was sparked by one Utah mother who got others to rally around her. She thinks the city should require stores to put blinders on certain magazines but not everyone agrees.

"This particular resident felt that the magazine covers where women were scantily clad in her view were inappropriate for young children," said Nicole Martin, the spokeswoman and Communication Director for Sandy City.

Mainstream magazines grace store shelves in cities across the country, but one mother in particular has raised her concerns after her 7 year-old son said "I hate magazines" while walking through a department store checkout line.

She took her fight to Sandy City Hall Tuesday night, asking the council to consider action and require stores to cover up racy magazine covers. She isn't the only mom concerned about what they consider pornographic images.

"I'm a grandma. I'm a mom, I believe that they're doing the right thing," said Susan Harman, a Sandy Resident.

Some Utah women Fox 13 spoke with stand behind the Sandy resident demanding change.

"I think they are a little too exposed," said Gina Ayaviri.

Not everyone, however, thinks much can or even should be done about it.

"My opinion is I don't know if it can be avoided anymore. I think it's important just to teach your kid those values from a young age so they can defend themselves against it," says Danielle Deagostini.

Those in opposition to the revealing magazine covers reportedly tried talking to some local businesses to ask for their cooperation in covering up the periodicals, but had no luck. Sandy City referred the issue to their attorney for legal guidance and say they will be taking up the issue again.

"We as a city share in the interest of protecting children, we are happy to be part of the dialogue. Ultimately, we'll look at all of the aspect of this issue and determine how we might help," Martin said.


  • David Whittington

    Exactly which magazines are the mothers whining about ? …. National Geographic ? People ? …pah-leese…Utah is still stuck in 1814 …not 2014 … set your clocks back 200 years when visitng Utah…

  • Mark

    And who determines what is and is not appropriate? These foolish people would be better off boycotting the stores and publishers of these magazines. And ladies, it is 2014, unless your kid is in a bubble, I think you would be surprised what he has already seen. Start raising your own kid and audit asking us to do it for you.

  • Kilraa

    I can see their point about wanting to protect their children but we don’t want this to become another Bomont (Footloose) where people start banning or requiring blinders on magazines or whatever. If you don’t want your children to see it, point them in another direction or teach them that there will sometimes be things that they won’t like to look at and to look past it. Doing something like putting “blinders” on the magazines is just showing and teaching intolerance.

  • Judy Johnson

    What would it hurt to put magazines in a culdesac of their own. The 1/2 wall in front would take care of the view
    of children and any adult who would be offended at seeing the more and more revealing coves of many magazines.

    • swoodbu3

      Because it adds wasteful spending to the ledger of most business expenses and business owners are fed up with the angry, judgemental minority forcing new regulations on something as benign as fitness covers. They understand what real life is, and they aren’t willing to pay to make it anything less.

    • bob

      Or we could stop catering to every whiny little group with an ax to grind, be they blue-haired prudes or whiny liberals.

  • Ivan

    Even if the women that believe they are inferior manage to cover up all these magazines they will still look the same. Should all women be required to wear clothing that covers them from head to toe? Even then there will still be women that are more attractive than others to some people. Deal with it and be happy with who you are. Focus your energy on what really matters.

  • LonaSue

    Come on Utah’ns Kids..don’t need blinders for bathing suit ads. They see less at the parks,pools and gyms. ..Can’t we find something else to grip about. Like a child being shot by a sibling and parents don’t even get sited. And they still can go buy a weapon tomorrow, let’s do something about that!

  • Chris Graham

    Maybe she’s upset because she doesn’t the body they have. She better keep her 7 year old away from main stream media. Keep him hid in a cave or something. It’s every where.

  • Ryan

    K folks if you read the news a few years back the person that was hired to review the magazines to determine what is smut and what isn’t is at the time a 40 year old female virgin so with that said I’m shocked we are allowed to have comic books with the way utah is going out of control with the dictatorship and the Mormon way

  • thao&tay

    Seeing this really erks me.like really lady get over it.its a magazine your kid probably seen way more in public.some people these days like wow only in utah…

  • Ryan

    These mom’s are throwing a fit over some magazines then as most of you have said keep your kids out of the stores and as one said keep your kids at home because as I am a local truck driver and I have seen men and woman driving the streets butt naked doing bedroom activities in their cars so if these mom’s are freaking out about a magazine that has women in swimsuits that they say are to revealing to their children keep them off the streets

  • Kellie Wood RN

    The thought always preceeds the action. My kids could read at a first grade level when 3 years old. It’s the smutty titles with sexually suggestive images that need to be covered up. It ticks me off every time I see these racy images at a child’s eye level at checkout. The Law of Chastity is important to prevent unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and solid faithful marriages.

    • swoodbu3

      I’m at a loss here:) Since when does a fitness magazine promoting health have smutty titles (Oxygen… Women’s Health… Fitness for Her… really?) and somehow correlates to the “Law of Chastity”, preventing unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and marriages that are not solid? How exactly does fitness magazines make people want to have unwanted pregnancies and get STD’s? I’m VERY curious about your answer, because this seems so fear-mongering and oppressive we may as well be living under the government in the movie V for Vendetta if you had your way. If anything they inspire women to be healthy. You are REALLY out of touch with reality. Where is the correlation? Show me without theological ideals and use politics instead, since it seems you think both belong in the same discussion, which throughout history has resulted in the most genocide in the history of mankind. Does a fit female body bother you? You are an RN, miss. I’m sure you deal with daily reminders of how a healthy lifestyle can avoid the things you deal with in the health care industry. How else would a women’s magazine promote and advertise health that way without dressing them in Burkas? Does a fit man’s body bother you as well? I’m all ears:)

      Religion does not belong in politics- bottom line. Get over it and teach your kids right from wrong rather than being lazy and instead forcing unrealistic, misguided ideals based on theology on the general public who understands what real life is and won’t pay extra to cater to the screaming minority who is offended based on your own insecurities. Take personal responsibility if you are a parent and stop wanting everything done for you. Leave your mind-numbing, misguided theological ideals out of it and go watch the movie The Giver, then come back, K? :) Otherwise, I’m open to suggestions that don’t involve out-of-touch censorship (some is needed… but really? Bet you agree with the “Zion Curtain (which was a joke to the rest of the country and represent a major stumbling block for businesses and restaurants bringing more tourism capital to our Utah economy) too? I’m all ears to RATIONAL suggestions, Kellie:)

      • Really

        I agree completely!! The problem in Utah is…if our kids can’t see it…it doesn’t exist!! Lazy parents too afraid to educate their kids about the outside world!! Just because you don’t agree with something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t or shouldn’t exist. Teach kids tolerance and that things outside of YOUR beliefs exist!!

      • K H

        Couldn’t agree more. Considering that Utah has some of the highest suicide, teen pregnancy, pornography addiction rates in the country!!!!
        Yeah….. more censorship is going to solve the problem.
        Cover up the alcohol and drinks being made so kids won’t be subjected to it and make them not BINGE DRINK the second they get away from your choking clutches….
        Heaven FORBID they know what tata’s are…. cause we wouldn’t want them to be ashamed of who they are!
        Thumbs up to all those ignorant parents raising our future addicts and pregnant teens!
        I applaud you in your anxiety ridden life.

      • Kellie Wood RN

        Not all magazines are bad, we’re just talking about some very sexually explicit titles and images that need to be placed up high on shelves with blockers. Fox13 has greatly distorted this story so calm down everyone.

  • misty

    Fox13 you need to change the title and report this right and say a few lame mothers in Sandy are crying about this not label it as utah mom’s I am a utah mom and I find that very offensive that you labeled all utah mom’s like that I don’t have a problem with the magazines so there for change the name it has made many mothers in utah very upset!!!! And report on real news not a few stupid people trying to control everyone!!! So I will say this one more time change the title to some mothers in Sandy don’t label us all cause that is false and misleading information to the rest of the world and I am very upset!!!!!

  • Stinky Pete

    What a bunch of idiotic fools.
    I HATE that this is even a news story. Ugly women so ashamed of their bodies that they can’t even look at another.

  • UT Devil

    The biggest problem with UT is they have no understanding of “Separation of Church and State”. Most of these stupid laws in UT are nothing but the church trying to keep there masses brainwashed and to prevent them from realizing that there is a real world out there.

    These “Moms” need to get a life and stop trying to push there morals on others that don’t share there views. Nothing worse than having a LDS church member pushing there religion upon myself or judging myself. The other day I ran into a LDS YSA group and actually enjoyed the conversations with them as religion was never brought up once. Other church members should use this as example of how to deal with the general public.

    • bob

      Do me a favor: Find me a copy of the U.S. Constitution (or the Utah one, for that matter) and show me the word “separation.” In ANY context.

      Prudes everywhere frequently demand that “racy” magazine covers be hidden. In all 50 states. 7-11 had to stop selling Playboy in the 1980s because of complaints nationwide. (Or at least CHOSE to.)

      You whiners need to venture out of your sheltered little Utah lives once in a while and take a look around.

      • Bobfurapples

        Bob, I’m guessing you are one of the mothers complaining….
        I feel bad for you. It’s hard being stuck in the past.

  • Lance

    Now if we could just get women to wear a black burka everywhere they go, we’ll be in business! Prudes. This type of stuff is what breeds repression. The harder you try to stop your kid from seeing a Cosmo cover the more he is gonna want to see it. When otherwise, he would have never given it more than a glance. I can’t tell if these people are genuinely concerned for their kids or if they just want to look cool at church on Sunday. Either way… ridiculous.

  • Dan

    Fox 13 many of your photos were totally a set up. I know this because a was at that store when those shots were taken to bad you had to miss lead your viewers.

  • My Thoughts

    To all the uptight mom’s. How much of a bubble do you want your children to live in? You say that the stores should put blinders on the racks, put the blinders on your children. I bet your husband likes to look. If you do not like how and what a retailer display’s legally then go shop somewhere else. Do not try to make someone guilty of something that is not illegal.

  • David

    1) This is a teachable moment where you can address issues in the context of your values system.
    2) Don’t like it? Shop elsewhere. Your hypersensitivity doesn’t dictate private business practices.
    3) Checkstand magazines don’t meet the SCOTUS criteria for obscenity and are protected speech under the 1st Amendment. We can’t be willing to carve and whittle our rights away so easily.

  • Suzanne

    You’ve got to be kidding me?! Perhaps these moms should just stay inside and never come out – God forbid they might see a woman on the cover of a magazine in workout wear or a bikini,

  • Candy

    Why doesn’t she put blinders on her children? There is nothing wrong with these magazines and her kids are going to see scantily clad women in real life too. Removing these does nothing, this is the real world and children are going to see things they don’t understand and ask questions. It is her job, as a parent, to explain these things to her children. We can’t remove everything that we don’t agree with so if you don’t like “racy” women, don’t dress like one and don’t hang around them.

  • Joseph Robinson

    I’m sorry but if you really think this needs to happen you and or your children are more likely lazy and or fat! If you really think this is showing to much you have been under a rock because that is nothing…I swear there is something like this every year! It’s ridiculous! You ruin Utah reputation when this is a beautiful state but nobody wants to be around people like this!!! Get over it hahaha

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