Suspect in meth lab near BYU faces new charges

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Bryce Cazier

OREM, Utah — A BYU student accused of running a meth lab near the university now faces two misdemeanor counts of theft.

Lt. Craig Martinez of the Orem Police Department told FOX 13 Bryze Cazier has been charged in connection with theft at a state liquor store in October.

Martinez said a manager at the liquor store reviewed security footage of the alleged theft and recognized Cazier when he came back to the store on November 28.  The manager held Cazier at the store until police arrived and arrested him.

According to a statement from Provo police, one of Cazier’s roommates notified the management of The Riviera Apartments after seeing chemicals and other suspicious items on November 7.

The apartment management contacted police and responding officers found a methamphetamine lab in Cazier’s room.  Cazier learned about the search at his apartment through his parents, who had seen it on the news.

Cazier turned himself in to Provo police on November 12 and was charged with a first-degree felony count of operation of a clandestine meth lab.


  • Barry Soetoro

    Looks like the spiraling downfall of a naive Mormon boy who thought he could get away with playing Breaking Bad.

  • Diana

    He’s not innocent of the other charge that he was making Meth, just because he goes to a Mormon based college doesn’t mean he’s innocent automatically! Saying through the first charges that he was making soap, REALLY?? Who the hell do they think they’re trying to fool? Now theft from a liquor store? Do you people still think he was making soap?? HAHA the soap situation is a JOKE, they don’t wasn’t to admit that there was a criminal going to that college because it would give them a bad name. Wah is how I feel about it

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