Update: Rankings and newest locations of possible sites for Utah State Prison relocation

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UPDATE: The Utah Department of Corrections has released a document ranking the top 14 sites reviewed by the Prison Relocation Commission’s consultant as potential sites for the relocation of the Utah State Prison.

Click here to download the document. [PDF]

The document shows rankings for the 14 sites based on criteria such as proximity to Draper (the site of the existing Utah State Prison), land and environment considerations, infrastructure access and development costs.

The 14 sites were ranked as follows:

1. Southwest Valley (86 points)
2. Airport North (82 points)
3. Northwest Utah Valley (80 points)
4. I-80/7200 W (76.5 points)
5. Lake Mountains West (74.5 points)
6. SR-112 / Depot Boundary Road (72.5 points)
7. West Tooele Valley (62.5 points)
8. I-80 North-South SR-111 (61.5 points)
9. Cedar Valley South (61 points)
10. I-80 / Burmester Road (56 points)
11. Southwest Utah Valley (52.5 points)
12. TAD Block / Rush Valley (52.5 points)
13. Lake Mountain Block (51.5 points)
14. South Half I-80 Block (45 points)

UPDATE: Authorities have released a new list of the latest possible sites for the relocation of the Utah State Prison.

– Airport North (Salt Lake County)
– I-80 / 7200 W. (Salt Lake County)
– Southwest Valley (Salt Lake County)
– SR 112 / Depot Boundary Rd. (Tooele County)
– Northwest Utah Valley (Utah County)
– Lake Mountains West (Utah County)

SALT LAKE CITY – Two sites in Salt Lake City are proposed for the Utah State Prison relocation however, Mayor Ralph Becker said he doesn’t believe either is viable.

Mayor Becker sent a report to the State Prison Relocation Commission  detailing concerns about the proposed sites.

One site is just north of the Salt Lake City International Airport and the other is northeast of I-80 and 7200 West.

“We have many concerns from geological and environmental concerns, infrastructure costs, wetlands on both properties, concerns that it would limit the growth and expansion of the airport down the road,” Jill Love said, deputy chief of staff for Mayor Becker said. “We just don’t think these are good options for the prison.”

The commission is holding a meeting this afternoon at the Utah State Capitol Complex.

An update is expected on the search for a new prison location.

It’s possible officials could decide which sites will need more analysis before a decision is made.


  • Prescilla

    There tons of room down here in Carbon county, they have to go somewhere come down here more jobs for us….

    • Barbara Helige

      Tooele county would be a good place…like north 1-80 just northwest of Dell a place they use to call marblehead…plenty of jobs for tooele county….

    • Stephanie

      They said in the meeting that Gunnison already has a hard time staffing their prison. I was surprised at that. I know quite a few people that would love to relocate to that part of the state, but know the jobs aren’t there. They then said that the Draper prison relies on its 1200 volunteers. What? Hey, let’s give those people paychecks if we’re counting on them in order to run the prison?! JOB CREATION>>>YAY!

  • Colby @ No Prison in SS/EM

    So Hughes wants it near a population center but not next to the one he lives in (Draper) where there is still plenty of land that already meets all the criteria he requests. Saratoga and Eagle Mountain are experiencing huge free market growth and we find the crony nature of this move to benefit Draper while stealing our growth offensive. Keep it where it is, residents already chose to accept it there.

      • Austin

        True, but the residents there now new there was a prison there when they moved there. It wasn’t shoved down their throats after they moved there. This commission should weigh public opinion more than they currently are.

  • bob

    One simple question: Will the sale of the land cover the cost of a new prison?

    if the answer is “no”, then the taxpayers are being ripped off to benefit real estate developers…..who OWN the Legislature.

    You’re welcome. Let me know if there are any other difficult issues I can explain for you.

  • austinarose

    Why does Mayor Becker’s opinion seem more important than the folks that were in attendance? The majority of the attendees were holding No Prison in Saratoga Springs/EM. Come on Fox, let’s portray reality better.

  • Adela Figueroa

    We don’t want a prison so close to our homes. The airport is a place where many people use on a daily basis why would you even consider putting felons so close to such a high traffic area.

    • Dave

      Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs are two of the fastest growing cities in the nation. If you would like to compare what location places the prison in a highly populated area you should consider those sights into your calculations. Why drop a prison in the middle of two cities that are expected to grow by over 500%? Why don’t we consider the growth trains that will be derailed in both these cities so that some developers in draper can cash in?

  • Beth

    I find it deplorable that the residents in NOrth Salt Lake were not informed. Of course they list this as Salt Lake County but the proximity to Davis county should require those residents being informed. You can see Foxboro in the image of the top site discussed. It is a mile from an elementary school Legacy Preparatory South Campus. Also, all the Foxboro Elementary and Odyssey Elementary students will have a lovely view of the prison while playing at recess.

  • Jan Memmott

    If officials cannot find a site that won’t disrupt established communities, then the prison should not move at all. At least in Draper, people knew it was there when they chose to live or do business there. If they move it to Saratoga Springs or Eagle Mountain, they are only SHIFTING the problem, not solving it. We’ll be back here in 30 years, spending another $billion of taxpayer money if we put it in another high growth area. Also, If every homeowner loses 10% equity because of the prison, who will pay for that?

  • Judy Johnson

    Most of the prison acerage in Draper is not being used now. Why do we need a new place to go? If the money put into the prisons in Utah were used better, each prison would not be in such dire straights for money. That’s when they start moving the prisoners around from prison to prison. Follow the money trail. Why isn’t anything done about helping the prisoners to learn job skills so it would be easier for them to get a job when they are released? They get out and many are soon back in because there is no way for them to get a job. Some of these people have families to support. Many want to get on with their lives, but the prison system doesn’t give them training. Let’s USE the land the state already owns and get programs going that would help the prisons bring in some revenue with the programs, help the inmates with jobs they give the inmates to help them when they are released. Get rid of the weight lifting program, and let’s put these people to work to help themselves. Why are the inmates required to pay for any classes or training they want to take? Have them pay for the weight training and give them the Education they need. This is what needs to happen. Can’t the land be part of that training in various training programs? Let’s IMPROVE the old and make it beneficial for those who need it…both the inmates and the prison revenue.

    • Skinner

      Judy the prison does help those that WANT the help. High School and College courses are both offered at the prison. Most of these thugs just want the free ride to hang out with their buddies. Its not a prison its a country club there. They dont have to work if they dont want to. They dont have to get their GED if they dont want it. They can sleep in there beds all day if they feel like it. If anything they should be breaking up rocks into gravel so the state can use it to fix our roads. As for the relocation it seems to me the two best places to “move” it are (1) keep it were it is at and build new buildings, or even have it underground with the administration building above it to make it look pretty for all those on the hill side that say its ugly to look at. (2) Move it to saratoga like they may have in the works. You have to think about the volunteers that go there, the staff, etc they already have a hard enough time staffing the place now. And then there is something that no one ever thinks about. Transportation of the inmates to the hospital and to court. What hospital is going to be able to handle a load of that size? And Court dates that these inmates have. Where do you think most of these courts are located at? Salt Lake Area. So why spend huge amounts of money to move it far away and spend even bigger amount just to bring them straight back for court?

  • John

    This sounds more like a Real-Estate Venture more than concern of the condition of the prison. Hmmm, I wonder who stands to benefit from it? Follow the money folks.

  • Mitch

    No matter which location is chosen. The residents should be allowed to vote on if they will allow it.The residents should also receive the majority of the profit from the development of the land the old prison is located on. Instead of making some developer more money. This would help offset the loss of value the property already developed near the new prison will see. And the slowed future development of the land in the area.

  • J. Sorensen

    Keep the prison where it is. Why waste a ton of money to move it from a perfectly good location? What is really going on here?

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