911 calls released in officer-involved shooting at Ogden restaurant

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OGDEN, Utah -- Police have released a 911 call made during a shootout between officers and a fugitive in an Ogden restaurant last month.

The shooting occurred Nov. 20 at Lee’s Mongolian Barbeque.

Police say they went into the establishment looking for someone they say was connected to a drug case they were investigating.

Officers encountered 36-year-old Leonard Marion eating dinner.

Officials say things escalated when officers approached Marion. There was a fight during which an officer shot the man.

Police say Marion had a gun on him at the time of the altercation.

In a 911 recording someone tells a dispatcher that there are people killing each other.

Caller: There’s a restaurant where the people are like killing each other I don’t know…

Dispatcher: Is it Lee’s Mongolian?

Caller: Yeah. There’s police already coming.

Dispatcher: We’ve got officers on the way.

Marion has been in the hospital since the shooting. He is reported to be in stable condition.


  • BOB

    Leonard Marion was restricted from owning or possessing firearms. He used up all his chances to directly to jail the instant he displayed the one he was carrying. There are occupational hazards associated with employment in the illegal pharmacuticals business.

  • Anon

    Oh, so he’s a fugitive now? Last week it was reported that he was not wanted and the police just wanted to talk with him.

    • BOB

      Marion has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2000, according to court records. That includes multiple felony drug convictions. Marion also has two current cases. One of them, failing to stop for police, is a third degree felony charge. The other case involves several felony and misdemeanor drug charges.

      Any way you cut, dice, or slice it Marion was prohibited from owning or possessing the firearm he was carrying on November 20th.

      • Dave

        Why didn’t the police just wait until he left to apprehend him? The restaurant was closing soon anyways, why confront a “dangerous fugitive” in a public place where families are just eating dinner?

      • BOB

        Dave – Put the responsibility for Marion’s behavior and subsequent consequences where they belong. May his recovery be long, slow, and painful.

  • bobsanidiot

    Everyone shut up and listen to bob. He is home bound and bedridden due to being morbidly overweight, so in other words he has absolutely nothing to do but play professor know-it-all.

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