Random Acts of Pasta: Utah man uses unlimited pass to feed the homeless

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OGDEN, Utah -- Matt Tribe says when he bought one of Olive Garden’s limited edition, never ending pasta passes, it was to fulfill his love of pasta. He soon saw another benefit.

“Every day I’d go get pasta, and I’d just go show up and someone’s house and brighten their life with some Olive Garden,” Tribe said.

The national restaurant chain offers 1,000 cards a year as part of their Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. The card gives the bearer an unlimited supply of meals for seven weeks. Tribe says he came up with “Random acts of Pasta” as a way to pay it forward.

“I realize it might be stupid to think, ‘I just gave them pasta, how does that make their day better?’ But somebody did something nice for them,” says Tribe.

The goal was 100 meals, by the end of the seven weeks, 125 people had benefited from the unlimited pasta. It started with friends and family, but quickly turned into something more.

“I thought, what have I done to deserve this,” said Tribe’s friend and pasta recipient Ben Taylor. “He explained to me what he was doing, he was just giving out random acts of pasta to neighbors, friends, and even homeless people, and I thought, that’s kind of a cool story.”

With Taylor’s help, tribe documented the journey online and through a YouTube video that shows him delivering meals to the homeless. He says he hopes to spread the message of kindness.

“It was super fulfilling,” says Tribe. “Because the entire time I was doing this for a month, just about every night, the only thing I was thinking about was who could I take Olive Garden to, who could I do Random Acts of Pasta to, who could I do something nice for.”

Tribe recognizes sharing the meals was not the point of the pasta campaign. He even checked with Olive Garden about using the card for take out, and was given the green light. He has no regrets and says it’s changed the way he looks at the world.

“You forget about all your worries, you forget about all your troubles,” says Tribe. “Everything’s better.”

Read more about Tribe’s experience on his website, here: http://www.randomactsofpasta.com/


  • Ddd

    What other proof do you need??!! The Flying Spaghetti Monster strikes again!! All the people on this story are living proof, that Rastafarianism is THE one true religion!! Keep on doubting our almighty, you’ll burn forever!!!


  • jordierivers

    Hey, look at me doing good. Please, notice me on YouTube doing good. I never do anything good in secret I must have people think that I am a great guy.

    • lisa

      I don’t think he documented it to get attention…I think he just wanted people to realize that one person CAN make a difference in the life of someone else. Even something as simple as a meal can mean a lot to a person down on their luck.

      • Jason

        Nah, he definitely documented it to get attention. Think about how many people volunteer at the homeless shelter, food bank, etc. but never found the need to document how amazing they are spending their time helping and feeding others. Not to mention that he was using someone else’s money…maybe he claimed taxes on them as well for “charitable donations”.

    • H8bob

      My exact thoughts. It seems lately many “acts of kindness” have to have proof to be uploaded to YouTube or shown on the news. Everyone wants the pat on the back

  • Mandy (not the same Mandy who ate lots of pasta)

    If you look at his website, he only gave 10 meals to the homeless out of 125 that he gave away. It is rather deceiving that all of the headlines I’m seeing make it sound like he fed the homeless population for 7 weeks (which is the fault of the news sites, not his…the info is all right there at randomactsofpasta.com). But he seems like a nice guy, and feeding 10 homeless people is 10 more than most of us have fed, so kudos to him.

  • steve

    Kindness is kindness, to those bashing…get a life. Regardless of his youtube intentions, he my friends is out helping fa,ily, friends and a few homeless. Everyone’s a critic these days….

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