What is your state most thankful for?

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  • Bob's Pimp

    Seeing this bit of “news” make it’s rounds on the net today. What Fox doesn’t tell you about this “news” is that 90% of the shares Facebook studied for this were by women. Kinda important to know if this article is important to your daily information gathering.

    • therealgem

      libtard? Let me guess you also refer to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as brangelina right genius? And you are not everyone, just the unfortunate ones to accept the cult teaching of a pedophile criminal turned into a martyr by a group of blank staring stupid grinning idiots that can’t think for themselves……..

    • Hess

      Why would you, a non-Mormon living in Utah, be ashamed? When you are living in a state founded and settled by a group that is predominately LDS, why would you expect anything else? You know the local culture and you should know your state history. It’s like asking what Hershey’s is know for, and complaining when the answer turns out to be chocolate. Wouldn’t you be more ashamed if your state had something trivial like YouTube or country music?

      • Lin

        Nope, At least country music and Youtube actually exist. The fact that it’s 2014 and there are still people dumb enough to be Mormon is beyond me.

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