Ogden family works to keep homeless warm on Thanksgiving Day

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OGDEN, Utah -- One Ogden girl’s Christmas wish came true a month early.

A local family spent their Thanksgiving handing out clothes and warm blankets to those less fortunate.

Desiree Robinson, 11, had one wish this Christmas, and it didn’t involve anything that would fit under a tree.

“I told him if we could find some clothes, I wanted to give clothes away to people that need it. Because I see a lot of people out there that don’t have anything,” Desiree said. t

Desiree’s dad, Shawn Robinson, stumbled upon some storage sheds for sale, one of which had boxes and boxes full of clothes and blankets.

“Well I seen one full of clothes and that’s my daughters Christmas wish, so that’s the main reason why I bought them -- I thought that it would be better to give it away to the people that are less fortunate and really need it and don’t have it,” Robinson said.

The family set up a block away from the Ogden Road Home shelter so they’d be close to those who need the items most.

“They’re all happy. They can get what they need without paying for it and they can stay warm this winter and their babies can stay warm,” Robinson said.

Not everyone who stopped by did so to sift through the pile of clothes. The Robinson family inspired several others to give back.

“We baked bread with our church and now we are bringing the bread from our church all the way to Ogden and we’re giving it to the homeless,” said Patrick Crosbie with Hill Air Force base troop 55.

Some local Boy Scouts handed out freshly baked bread.

Susan West had just finished a charity run and was planning to drop some jackets off at the Deseret Industries when she decided to stop and add to the Robinson’s pile.

“Saw them doing this, and I had some stuff I was going to donate to Deseret Industries and I thought, ‘well this is better.’ We pulled in and donated some coats and stuff,” West said.

This act of kindness won’t end on Thanksgiving Day. The items the Robinsons don’t give away they plan to donate, and they plan to give more in the coming weeks.

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  • Bob's Pimp

    This family was smart in donating directly to the homeless people themselves. Much better than the DI or any other religious based “charity shop”

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