Utahns hold peaceful protest in reaction to Ferguson decision

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Monday night, dozens protested outside the federal building on 100 S. State Street in Salt Lake City after decision from grand jury was announced in Ferguson, Mo., fatal shooting.

It was a peaceful but passionate protest. Some showed up with their faces covered, another man came bearing arms and others chanted profanities against the police.

"I think it's pretty ridiculous," said Samaya Montoya who covered her face in a red bandana at the protest to stay anonymous.

Montoya is upset after learning the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo., will not stand trial.

The grand jury decided Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, will not be indicted for the Aug. 9 shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who is black.

Robert McCulloch, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney, made the announcement Monday evening.

"Nobody can really say anything unless you were actually there but I think it was an unjust killing and no one deserves to die that way," she said.

While some chose to be discreet, one man exercised his second amendment right to bear arms, openly carrying an assault rifle.

"There's protests happening across the country because everyone is sick and tired of these killer cops, murdering primarily young black and brown men and just getting away with it," said Gregory Lucero.

Lucero said locals are banding together and have organized the group, "Utahns against Police Brutality."

They're pushing for change on Capitol Hill.

"We threw around different ideas from targeting to Sim Gill, making him hold these killer cops accountable. We talked about policy change, we talked about legislative lobbying and things as simple as cop watch. Anytime that the police are out harassing people to have citizens pull out their cell phones and begin recording them to make sure people's right are not violated," Lucero said.

Lucero said they also want there to be an independent review board for officer-involved shootings. Protestors plan to continue raising their voices, saying they won't stop until there is policy reform.


  • Brian

    Um, this guy they interviewed sounds good, but he is wrong. Where are all the black/brown kids being shot, by rouge police officers? I am not talking a “gentle” giant pummeling an officer, and the officer protecting himself. I am talking a kid sitting on a park bench, eating an ice cream cone and a cop shooting him. Where is this happening? Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t happen. All these “innocent” little hot house flowers are actually thugs, who are out to cause a problem and they tend to find it. Sorry, but I have lived fifty years and never been approached by an officer. Have talked to plenty, but always from me starting the conversation. Respect the officer and the uniform, that will usually keep you on the right side. You attach the officer, in a violent way, then the officer has the right to protcet him/herself. That is also extended to the civilian, you have a right to protect yourself.


    People who honor the laws our society have agreed upon appreciate the police and know that they are they to help them in times of trouble. People with no respect for our laws hate and fear the police. It is just as simple as that.

    • jewlzzz

      Jewlzzz is it? You speak of something you obviously know nothing about bob. Protect and serve that is their mission statement not pass judgment and execute. You’re in-breeding has obviously effected your ability to process anything except eating and wiping your fat butt. Oh and stop using my screen name you rectal wart.

      • JEWLZZZ

        There are two reasons why you shouldn’t pick a fight with a pig:
        #1 You both get dirty.
        #2 The pig likes it.

      • teebonicus

        Self-defense is not ‘execution’. Your cavalier interchanging of terms illustrates a lack of comprehension of facts in evidence.

  • jon

    Michael Brown was a thug and the world is better off without him. Think of all the people that will not be beaten, raped or robbed with him gone

  • teebonicus

    Why is it that ostensibly intelligent people cannot comprehend that indictments, trials and verdicts are limited to what the facts prove, and are not determined by political or emotional rationalizations?


  • Patrick

    Dissapointed in my fellow people in Utah who protested obviously they are misinformed and just wanted attention

  • John

    ” ‘I think it’s pretty ridiculous,’ said SAMAYA MONTOYA who covered her face in a red bandana at the protest TO STAY ANONYMOUS.”

    Shows the level of intelligence we’re dealing with here.


    The good folks in Ferguson, Mo. who were protesting against the police are now asking themselves where the police were when they were burning and looting their town.

  • David

    You people (Fox 13) are idiots. “Samaya Montoya is wearing a red bandana to stay anonymous…” Then you plaster her full name all over the story?

  • Mike Smith

    After living in Utah for 50 years then moving here to Missouri I have found a huge culture change in the way law enforcement operates. The shooting in Ferguson was examined by a grand jury that actually was prepared to lynch this cop. But facts are facts and we can’t change that. to the SLY protesters, you are getting bad information. The press has told you what they want you to believe. That’s bad information also and you are following their lead. Please re-evaluate what your doing. When a 6’4″ 290+ pound guy starts punching cops things are going to turn out poorly. Please Utah, think about what your doing. My hometown is better than that.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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