‘Hold on to what you have now,’ Mom chooses baby’s life over her own

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AURORA, Colo. – Not all pictures are worth a thousand words.

A few small words can provide the perfect meaning for some.

“He’s so cute and so well-behaved and just quiet,” Maren Oates said, Karisa Bugal’s sister.

Declan Jay Bugal was born on Nov. 3 to Karisa and Wes Bugal.

“None of us expected it to be this way. When you’re scheduled for a routine c-section, it’s supposed to be a happy, happy day,” Oates said.

While Karisa was in labor, doctors discovered the amniotic fluid embolism.

“And that causes catastrophic shutdown of all the organs,” Dr. Kelly Gerow said. “Knowing the grim prognosis of this, I think it’s possible that we would have lost Declan.”

“Deep down, I knew it wasn’t good but I wanted to keep faith,” Wes Bugal said. “They came in and rushed her back to the delivery room and had to do an emergency c-section.” Mom gives life for baby CNN

As Declan’s heart rate dipped, Karisa had to know her decision would be critical, so she chose the fastest delivery route.

She decided to go under right away, which was the best option for her son but not the best option for her.

“Her other option would have been to decline that and stay awake for her surgery, but by the time we would have put in a spine or something, it’s possible that Declan would not have made it,” Dr. Gerow said.

It was the last decision she would ever make.

“And that was about the last time I saw her,” Wes Bugal said. “That’s the hard part, explaining to him his mom’s gone giving birth to him, explain to both of them where their mom’s at when they ask ‘Where’s mommy?’”

“She came to the hospital to be a mom and she did what she was supposed to do,” Oates said.

“Hold on to what you have now because you don’t know when it’s going to be taken from you,” Bugal said.


  • The Truth

    ““She came to the hospital to be a mom and she did what she was supposed to do,” Oates said.”

    That is the most grotesque comment I have ever seen.

    While I applaud this woman’s choice to give her baby life while sacrificing her own, that is not a choice that all women should be expected to make.

    Dying in child birth was not what she was supposed to do.

    That poor woman.

    This story only serves to illustrate that reproductive decisions should be made ONLY by the woman who will be experiencing them – no baby daddy ever gave his life in childbirth so his child might live. That sacrifice is reserved for mommies, and as such, it is only women that should get to make these decisions.

    • miles (dave)

      there are quite a few things you said here that were right except the last paragraph. i dont know what your experiences are with men, fathers, husbands, ect. but if the situation was the stereotypical loving husband and wife then the results for the man ie (his wife his child his life etc) are just as important as the womans results (her husband, her child her life etc). sure if were talking about a dead beat dad that dosnt care or almost dosnt care at all then ya the more responsible mom should make all the calls or at least most of them relative to the responsibility of the dad.

      in other words mom is not the only one at risk here if dad and mom are the men and women they should be then they like with all important decisions they make they should make it together

      also with how you jumped to calling the father “baby daddy” it sounds like you have a low expectation for fathers like you think they naturally become dead beats, well even if your world is full of that its not best to hold people up to that low of a bar just assume and encourage people will be the people they should be then if they do dont be surprised and if they dont thats when you be surprised

    • bob

      Hate men much?

      He is her HUSBAND, not “baby daddy.” And I hate to break the bad news to you but the baby is a human being. I wouldn’t have much respect for any parent who chooses to kill her child to save herself. Real MEN don’t do that either.

      And she DID make the decision. Why do you have to turn the story into a liberal baby-killing screed?

      • bobsanidiot

        What the hellllllll would you know about being a “real man” bob? Just like the rest of your life experiences sitting behind a computer screen while your assssseessss spread is not experience. Hate women much you maggot turd? To bad your momma didn’t make a better choice when she chose to squat you out and aim for the toilet but I’m sure your uncle daddy could have stopped that but unfortunately……..

      • Bob

        For starters BOBSANIDIOT real men don’t seek relationships with little boys. You’ve go some serious anger issues going for you. :)

      • miles (dave)

        this is a reply to bobsanidiot whos comment starts what the helllll

        for the most part i didnt read most of bobs comments because they were just asinine and un-educated until recently. recently more and more of his comments are staying just as bold as his asinine comets ever were but now they are getting to be less and less un-true. regardless of the things he said before. in this case. bob is right. he said the same things i did just in fewer words. he is right when he says its tough to respect someone who kills there child to save there self, hes right when he says “real men dont do that either”, it wasnt right for “the truth” to say those narrow minded things, i dont know if i would attack liberals about it but he is right when he corners her and asks “why do you have to turn the story into a baby killing screed” the truth is that was out of line to say those things.

        the only things i could hold against bob in this post is his attack on liberals (by the way i think im mostly republican but i cant get a good list of beliefs for democrats or republicans to really know which i am, im just not a big fan of attacking people or groups or anything), and i think if i were to say the same thing he did i would bring down the attackative (yes i know attackative isnt a word) tone against “the truth” by a notch or two. but other than that when you focus on what he said rather than how he said it… bob is right on this one

  • AnotherBob

    “While I applaud this woman’s choice to give her baby life while sacrificing her own, that is not a choice that all women should be expected to make”. You’re correct THE TRUTH. Some women terminate their unborn children’s lives because it just isn’t convenient for them, or because they don’t want their husbands to find out they’ve been cheating on them with the stud down the street.

  • Ace

    The mom didn’t have much of a chance to live anyway. Amniotic fluid embolism is highly deadly. Very few women survive it, and those who do usually suffer severe brain damage. Given that, I understand the choice she made. If I had little chance of survival I would want my baby to make it at least. But if it was a straight choice between my life and the baby I was carrying I would probably choose my own. I have other children who need me and a Husband who depends on me.

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