Aggies gear up to face Broncos this weekend

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LOGAN, Utah -- The Utah State Aggies have a lot to play for this coming weekend.

They still have a chance at a Mountain West Championship, but under a couple of stipulations. Air Force has to win against Colorado State this Friday.

But, even if that happens, they still have to beat the Broncos on Saturday night and that will be no easy task.

"Boise, as it's been brought to my attention, and I had to go back and double check which I did this morning early, has only lost four games in 15 or 16 years at home," head coach Matt Wells said. "The bad news is that's reality. The good news is that there were four in the last 15 years. So you're telling me we've got a chance."

They have a lot to play for, but are not leaning on Air Force to determine their game play on Saturday.

"What are we going to do, throw a pep rally if Air Force wins or are we going to have a funeral if they don't," Wells said. "No, we're going to play our very very best game at 8:15 on Saturday night. If we win and we don't make the championship game, there will be eight months of trying to figure out how to go undefeated."

The Aggies will play the Broncos on Saturday night at 8:15 p.m. (MDT).


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