Trespassing call leads to fatal officer-involved shooting in South Jordan

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah -- Police responding to a call regarding a trespasser were involved in a shooting Saturday afternoon, and a young adult male was killed in the encounter.

Lt. Rob Hansen, South Jordan Police Department, said officers responded to the area of 11370 South Brooke-N-Lance Lane, which officials said is near 500  West, on a trespassing call at around 12:30 p.m.

Master Officer Sam Winkler, South Jordan Police Department, said the person who made the call knew the individual who was trespassing, but he said the nature of the relationship between them is unclear. See the video above for an interview with Winkler.

Responding police were searching for the suspect and encountered a suspicious man in a nearby field. That encounter became a shooting, and the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene after being shot by an officer. Hansen did not provide the man's age but said he is a young adult and not a juvenile.

Winkler provided few details regarding the events leading up the shooting, and it is unclear whether or not the deceased had a weapon.

"We don’t have those details at this time, that’s something investigators are looking at," Winkler said.

Officers with the department recently started using body cameras, Winkler said, but he said they could not confirm whether or not the officer in this encounter was wearing a body camera.

There were no other reports of injuries. Winkler said it is his understanding that the officer involved was not injured. He said that officer is experienced and described him as being a "tenured supervisor." The officer is on paid administrative leave, which is a standard procedure in such cases.

The identity of the deceased and that of the officer have not been released.

As per standard procedure, the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office is the lead investigative agency on the incident, Winkler said, and South Jordan PD is conducting an internal investigation.

Officials said they were not releasing additional information at this point, as the incident is actively under investigation. Winkler said the winter weather had slowed that investigation process to some degree.

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


    • bob


      Over ten thousand were killed by drunk drivers last year, and drunk driving isn’t even a felony by itself. I’ll say “disarm the cops” when you agree that drunk driving should ALWAYS be a felony with a prison term attached.

    • AnoptherBob

      cite your reference Christopher. The FBI reports that in 2011, cops in America killed 404 suspects in acts of “justifiable homicide.” Bogus claims degrade your fable.

  • Mormanic Imam

    No doubt this officer involved shooting will be ruled justified. And the cop involved will get a free paid vacation in the form of “administrative leave.” Making another example of the rampant abuse of power by the LDS financed police department.

    • diane

      @mormanic- another anti Mormon bringing the church into this (which doesn’t even make sense by the way). I thought police were funded by fed tax dollars, so that would include the whole population of Utah!
      Anyhow, there has got to be accountability within the force. I agree with other comments that the police all over the country have been trigger happy lately! I don’t care if a person is a drug dealer or a boy scout, a life should only be taken as a very last resort.

  • Bonbob

    FOX13, I get the message! So you have me blacklisted and nothing I write will be posted. Well, at least I know how you feel about other people’s 1st Amendment rights. If you were even 1/10 the news outlet of FOX, you would control the Salt Lake Market. But sadly, you don’t even make the 10% grade! Goodbye FOX13! 👮

  • Luke

    I feel more and more that the only reason I need a gun is to protect myself from cops. When honest citizens are afraid of the police you know freedom is long home, only thing is Americans are too stupid to realize that.

    • AnoptherBob

      Honest people aren’t afraid of the men and women who respond to their 911 calls. Just try to behave yourself Luke and seek counselling for your phobia.

    • Bob

      Pilots investigate aircraft accidents. Would you expect a cop to investigate a medical malpractice lawsuit, or a nurse to investigate a traffic accident?

  • Arland Anderson

    I’m just curious as to when officers or law enforcement who are found to be in the wrong; will be charged with aggravated murder and have to face the death penalty as a possible consequence?

    • Bob

      It will be on the same day that someone who runs a stop sign and kills somebody is charged with aggravated murder and has to face the death penalty. You do understand the various types and degrees of homicides don’t you Arland? No? I didn’t think so.

      • Arland Anderson

        The difference is that the officer is supposed to be highly trained and able to handle himself in theese situations. As far as pedestrians getting hit by civilians driving, it’s an entirely different situation. Forcing correlations doesn’t change the fact that law-enforcement needs to be able to handle themselves better in the situations they’re involved in. And we as members of society need to find a responsible way of handling the situation. Giving anybody a free pass doesn’t solve the problem.

      • Bob

        As you must obviously know from your training in the police academy officers train to react to specific actions. The idea that the police must always wait until the bad guy fires first is only found in fairy tails. Do something really stupid with your hands when the officer tells you to stop and you’ve just used up all your chances to get a free ride to jail.

      • Arland Anderson

        I know several officers, I was an Army Ranger, and my father was a sheriff. So I think my opinion might be worth more than your uneducated rambling. Your probably just a cop that abuses his power and is afraid that if to many people show interest you’ll have to be respectable, which would obviously leave a bad taste in your mouth.

      • BOB

        ARLAND ANDERSON – You can be anything you want on the internet …. even an Army Ranger. Problem is that you questions above about aggravated murder and the death penalty are laughable and disprove your claims.

  • Blake

    Whether the suspect had a weapon or not – “that’s something investigators are looking at.” Uhh the man is dead and no one even knows if he had a weapon? How long does it take to “look into that”? I’m really try to give the police the benefit of the doubt here, but this is fishy.

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