Gun control groups ask Gov. Herbert to support campus restrictions

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SALT LAKE CITY -- A collection of gun control supporters took a list of 20,000 signatures that were gathered online, most from outside of Utah, to Governor Gary Herbert's office Friday.

Their goal is to get the governor to support the right of public universities and colleges to keep guns out of meetings and assemblies.

The inspiration for the petition came from Anita Sarkeesian, the feminist critic of video games who canceled a speech at Utah State University after receiving death threats and asking the school to prevent guns from being present in the meeting space, which school officials said they could not do because of the state's laws regarding firearms.

Chelsi Archibald attended as the Utah representative of

"I would prefer that in government assemblies and in freedom of speech assemblies that they keep their weapons at home and that we have a proper way to make sure people are safe without having civilians take it into their own hands,” Archibald said.

Clark Aposhian, Chairman of the Shooting Sports Council, said efforts like the petition are misguided.

"Permit holders, once they get a permit, are 20 times less likely to commit a crime than other citizens,” he said.


  • Bob

    Good luck with that. Utah State law trumps the bogus idea that more laws will mysteriously prevent evil people from misusing firearms.

    • Trace

      Isn’t it funny they want to use the first amendment to have their event, while denying the 2nd amendment! Tell them to crawl back into their hovel.

  • bob

    “Dear government, please take away our rights. Sincerely, Liberals.”

    Has it occurred to you pinheads that you an simply choose not to carry a gun? And then mind your own business?

    I suppose not.

  • 191145

    350-400 Utah citizens signed the petition . 19,600-19,650 out of state ! If I were governor that wouldn’t fly . IMO .

  • capsaicinone

    I support restrictions on students only. Staff/teachers/professors/etc should have EVERY RIGHT to carry if they can show a valid conceal carry permit and gone through a university/college approved firearms course by law enforcement professionals.

    • Hatu9

      So if I decide to go back to get my Doctorate degree I will be considered a student and not able to carry my concealed firearm with me? I’m probably the same age as many of the staff but you’re now saying I can’t be trusted as a ‘student’? A concealed weapons permit is means I keep it concealed. I can’t tell you how many times I have been out with my wife and kids and they don’t even know when I have it with me. Why would you ever know unless you either do something dumb to make me brandish it or I brandish it to save your life.

  • Sp50

    Sorry, but ‘universities don;t have ‘rights’ at all… only people do. One of those rights is the Second Amendment.

    Besides which, why do you want to encourage school shootings by turning Utah schools into ‘gun free zones’. The recent attack at FSU only happened there because the attacker remembered the library as a ‘gun free zone’ from has student days.

  • Luke

    Why should you be allowed to use the rights you agree with but deny me the rights I agree with?

    Unless every signature on that petition is from a resident of Utah, is shouldn’t matter anyway. Why should I, as a Utah resident have any say over laws of another state?

  • Charley Vu

    Sad, really, these petition organizers under the banner of their religious faith: (Ms. Rowland as a catholic and Ms. Archibald as Mormon) are violating their religious beliefs not to lie or give false witness, who are making a big stink out of something that has barely a 2% support among their neighbors and fellow Utahns.

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