At least 3 inmates in Utah want to die by firing squad

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The Utah Department of Corrections provided a list to FOX 13 of death-row inmates and the method of execution they have chosen.

At least three inmates have been “grandfathered-in” to die by firing squad prior to the law changing in 2003.

Michael Anthony Archuleta, 52
Sentenced to death: 12/21/1989
Method: Lethal injection (assigned after he did not select a method)

Douglas Stewart Carter, 59
Sentenced to death: 12/27/1985 (overturned in 1989)
Resentenced to death: 01/27/1992
Method: Lethal injection (assigned after he did not select a method)

Taberon Dave Honie, 39
Sentenced to death: 05/20/1999
Method: Not specified

Troy Michael Kell, 46
Sentenced to death: 08/08/1996
Method: Firing squad

Ronald Watson Lafferty, 73
Sentenced to death: 05/07/1985 (subsequently got new trial)
Resentenced to death: 04/23/1996
Method: Firing squad
Floyd Eugene Maestas, 58
Sentence to death: 02/01/2008
Method: Lethal injection

Ralph Leroy Menzies, 56
Sentenced to death: 03/23/1988
Method: Firing squad

Von Lester Taylor, 49
Sentenced to death: 05/24/1991
Method: Lethal injection

Death row inmate Doug Lovell’s case is being retried in court.

The firing squad could be coming back to Utah


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