NAACP ‘outraged’ to learn officer’s body camera was not active during fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt

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A photo of Darrien Hunt.

SALT LAKE CITY – The NAACP issued a statement regarding the officer-involved shooting that left Darrien Hunt dead in September, and the organization said they were outraged to learn that a body camera an officer was wearing was not active during the encounter.

FOX 13 News reported earlier this week on the announcement that Officer Nicholas Judson was wearing a body camera that was not activated, and Friday a protest was held at the headquarters for Saratoga Springs police.

Jeanetta Williams, President for the NAACP’s Salt Lake Branch and Tri-State Conference of Idaho, Nevada and Utah, said they were outraged by the revelation.

“What good does wearing a Body Camera by officers [do] if they are not turned on?” she stated in a press release issued late Friday night. “…It is fortunate that a local business had video footage that showed Darien Hunt running away from officers and not attacking them.”

Williams said the newly released police report makes them feel justified in their decision to request the U.S. Department of Justice investigate the shooting, which occurred September 10.

An evidence photo courtesy of the Utah County Attorney's Office showing the sword involved in the fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt

An evidence photo courtesy of the Utah County Attorney’s Office showing the sword involved in the fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt

Police officials have stated Hunt lunged at the officers and that the officers fired on Hunt out of fear and kept firing as the man fled because they were concerned he would hurt or kill someone else in the area. The Utah County Attorney’s Office ruled the officer’s actions were justified.

The Hunt family has been critical of police in the months since, alleging that Hunt did not pose a threat and that his race may have played a role in the encounter. Hunt is half African-American.

They are considering a wrongful death lawsuit against Saratoga Springs police.


  • Bob

    This shooting had nothing to do with color. The NAAColoredPeople is tilting at windmills in their efforts to duplicate the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

    Body cameras are great. It lets the jury see why the police take a puke down.

  • Mike

    If the Camera would have been on it would have showing a kid High On Drugs coming at a Police Officer with a Sword !!!!!!!!

  • Sam martin

    Sounds like Bob and Mike work for the police dept. I bet if it was an open and shut case, the cameras would’ve been on!

  • Matt

    Good grief! What kind of goofball runs around with a sword anyway? I carry a concealed weapon but have never run around with a sword. (I take that back – I was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and had a sword on for ceremonies.) Still, Hunt had a history and he just did things wrong. All he had to do was drop the freaking sword when told to do so. Instead, he apparently opted to do other things which led to his demise. Folks, get over it. NAACP – get over it and quit trying to raise heck over the issue. What is it with you NAACP folks anyway? Always wanting to stir the flames or get your 15-minutes of fame. Just stop the foolishness and get a life.

  • David Whittington

    Hmmm … eating a mouthful of hallucinagenic drugs and grabbing a three foot long Samarai Sword and then wandering around chanting for a while and then practicing some Ninja sword fighting moves near a crowded store, and then refusing to obey commands from police to drop the deadly weapon ? What could go wrong ? That sword could completely behead someone in 10 seconds. The people most disappointed about the non-functioning body-cam are the POLICE. A functioning body-cam would support the police version of these events. This entire story has NOTHING to do with race – yet here we have the NAACP and others constantly beating the race drum to advance their own agenda. Pah-leese.

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