The band “Okkah” plays live in FOX 13’s studio

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SALT LAKE CITY - The band "Okkah" joined FOX 13 live in the studio to play some of their new music.

"Okkah" sent FOX 13 their biography: After two years of playing in the local music scene, Michael Whittle and Ammon Chung formed Okkah. The project is rooted in the genre of symphonic tribal pop. The band has been active for the past few months and have released a demo single called Buddha Boy Speaks Stranger. Josh from Crack in the Road says, "Utah duo Okkah may well have just release one of the most exciting debuts of the year. Buddha Boy Speaks Stranger is self-described Symphonic Tribal Pop and to tell the truth, I'm struggling to find a more fitting genre title. Elements of Alt-J and Vampire Weekend fade in and out, particularly in the erratic, unpredictable percussion section, and deceivingly agile vocals". Okkah is working on their first EP and they are excited to see what listeners have to say.

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