Mothers warning others about common birth control they say has ruined their lives

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Women are warning others about a popular method of birth control they say has ruined their lives.

KFOR-TV reported a group of Oklahoma woman are now working to get it off the market.

It’s called Essure and is sold as a non-hormonal method of permanent birth control for women who do not want to have any more children.

The coil-like device is inserted into the Fallopian tubes by a gynecologist and then the woman’s uterine tissue grows into the metal coils, blocking conception.

“It sounded like a good thing to me. I mean, I’ve got a busy life. I’ve got five kids,” Crystal Plumlee told KFOR-TV.

She said she chose Essure because it was the most affordable, effective option.

Plumlee is now warning other women, saying it’s not worth it in the long run.

She now deals with joint pain, chronic fatigue, weight gain, irregular heavy menstrual cycles and debilitating headaches, according to KFOR-TV.

“There are some people who are having success with it but I would not want to gamble that,” she told KFOR-TV. “I’m not a gambler. Unfortunately this is something I gambled with and I’ve made one of the biggest mistakes of my life.”

Activist Erin Brockovich has also joined in the fight, launching a website for women who have suffered adverse effects because of Essure.

MORE: See the full story from KFOR-TV here
By Ali Meyer for KFOR-TV


  • Trish Ramirez

    All forms of birth control have side effects. Even abstinence, which is primarily not getting laid.

    What about all of the mothers who have children they regret, don’t care for, etc. If you are THAT adamant about not reproducing, you take your chances no matter what option you choose.

    The pill, which is statistically safer than ASPIRIN can kill you quite readily, without warning, by way of a blood clot or stroke.

    You choose the level of risk you are willing to assume to get what you want by way of contraceptive device/method. If you opt for the newest method, you have to EXPECT that there are going to be glitches to work out – if you want a tried and true method, choose one that’s been around for a while and has substantial data to support its effectiveness/safety.

    Sometimes convenience and ease of use isn’t worth the trade offs.

    Just because some women had a bad outcome doesn’t mean that the product should be removed from the market – some women have terrible reactions to the pill, others wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Barb

    She has 5 kids and doesn’t want more so why doesn’t her husband have a vasectomy? It’s simple and effective and the best thing we could have done. No more hormones, no more condoms. All natural and more more babies :)

    • K Massey

      A vasectomy is not always the best option either, I speak from experience. I had rapid weight gain, increased appetite, lost my physical and sexual drive. It was not until I had the procedure reversed that I gained what was previously lost back.

      • miles (dave)

        no way i had no idea you could get a vasectomy reversed. i sure hope you dont mind me asking but what did it cost for you to have the vasectomy done then how much to have it reversed?

      • Wastrel

        If you had those kind of side effects, they did it wrong or you (ahem!) had a psychological reaction. Those are symptoms of castration, not vasectomy.

  • Helene williams

    I goT it and had to have it removed a few months later.i staRated to bleed severely excessively and my cycles R just crazy and still heavy and birth control is not for me.this device just had made my body out of sorts and my body has not been the same since I tried this form of birth control.

    • Krystle

      Many of the women having complications have been forced to have emergency hysterectomies due to the defective product! It most definitely needs pulled until they can correct the issue. The coils migrate several months and years after insertion. I had to have a complete hysto 4 years after they were placed at the age of 29! Poison to your body! Tie your tubes women!!!!

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