Proposed change would mean more classes for high school students in Washington Co.

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ST. GEORGE, Utah - High School students in southern Utah could have more classes to look forward to next year. Principals are deciding whether to add more periods to the day, or keep them the same.

Officials with the Washington County School District said the goal is to give kids a chance to get more out of their school day. The proposed change would create another class period, moving students from a 4x4 day, to 5x5. It would give students the chance to take another credit, double up, or just have a study period.

“Our principals were primarily focused at the high school of trying to find more opportunities for our students to increase learning, and to create more flexibility,” said District Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Schools Richard Holmes.

Because of mixed reaction from parents and students over the schedule change, district officials said they’re leaving it up to each school to decide. Currently, Snow Canyon High School is the only one to adopt the new 5x5 schedule. Other school across the state also have it.

“We researched it, we studied it,” Holmes said. “We went to other schools throughout the state. Enterprise High School has been on it for six years and had great success.”

Some parents who spoke with FOX 13 News said they see the benefit, acknowledging the change would give students the chance to take additional classes and allow for participation in extra curricular activities.

“I think it completely depends on the student,” parent Angie Hammer said. “And I think it could be beneficial thing to where it could prepare them more for college.”

Others, however, worry it could overwhelm students and teachers.

“Their workload is big enough already,” said Veronica Carlisle, who is the wife of a teacher. “If you add two or three more classes to their schedule, it’s going to be impossible for them to do a quality lesson."

Holmes said schools will decide if they’re going to adopt the new schedule within the next few weeks.

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  • miles (dave)

    i for one like the idea, in the end i really think the kids should be given the choice seen as its there lives and they could deside if they thought it would help or hurt them.

    my opinion is to do it for those kids who feel like they have enough with the current schedual then after the change they could opt to use the extra period for a study time using that time to cach up on things they thought were of most importance… heck i really like that idea. it would be time to do home work, or study for a test, ect. i think that would have done good things for me in school.

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