Newly released police report offers more details in fatal shooting of Darrien Hunt

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SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah -- The attorney for Darrien Hunt’s family has obtained and shared the police report from the officer-involved shooting that resulted in Hunt’s death, and the report indicates one of the officers was wearing a body camera during the encounter.

The camera in question was not recording during the shooting, officials said, and Attorney Robert Sykes said he is frustrated by that fact.

Another officer was wearing a microphone, but officials said that mic isn’t active until a button is pressed to transmit. Sykes said he finds it interesting that these specific pieces of equipment have not been mentioned until now.

He said he believes that if the body camera been turned on, then it would have confirmed the Hunt family’s assertion that Darrien Hunt wasn’t posing a threat when he was shot.

“The county attorney found that it was justified, but it didn't give us all the evidence that it gathered,” Sykes said. “That was a conclusion, but I think when the facts come out, the facts will speak volumes, and those volumes will be different.”

The report also included a witness statement indicating someone saw Hunt holding the sword horizontally in both hands as if he were presenting it to someone.

Investigators have stated multiple times that the officers fired on Hunt when the man lunged at officers with the sword, and they stated the officers feared for their safety and the safety of others.

FOX 13 News’ Annie Cutler has more details, see the video above for her report.

Click here for FOX 13 News' continuing coverage of the incident, which includes a recent announcement from the NAACP about their desire for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the shooting.


  • Adam

    wow I would not be surprised if the mic and body cam were actually on but erased or even if they were turned off on purpose police officers are just like any other human they make mistakes and also knowingly do wrong things just like any other human being then protected by our government because everyone makes money of the tickets they give and the fines the accused have to pay police officers should be held to a higher standard and not so much protected or let of the leash make an example out of the ones that do wrong and charge them more than the average citizen…

    • Bob

      Probably why people call for their help when their lives are on the line. The police concentrate on the pukes, and that’s just fine with me Jon.

  • Nana

    Amazing one officer wears a body camera that is not turned on and the other officer a microphone that isn’t working. How could the chief make a statement that he did not know if these officers were wearing cameras? Does anyone wonder where the surveillance video is from the credit union where this took place? Early on a spokesperson from this business said they had submitted the footage. What do you bet it wasn’t working either?

    • Bob

      Just concentrate on behaving yourself when the nice policeman stops you for speeding Nana and who knows … you may possibly live to see tomorrow’s sunrise. Act like a fool and the worst that will probably happen is that you’ll find yourself prowned out on the highway.

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