Father sings ‘Blackbird’ to dying son after wife dies during childbirth

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LOMA LINDA, Calif. – A heartbreaking video of a father singing  to his newborn son will bring you to tears.

Chris Picco lost his wife, Ashley, following an emergency C-section to save their son.

Over the last few days of baby Lennon’s life, Chris brought his guitar to the NICU and played for his son.

Lennon, just 24 weeks old, passed away a few days later.

“Lennon’s lack of movement and brain activity was a constant concern for the doctors and nurses at Loma Linda University Hospital, where he received the absolute best care available,” Picco wrote. “During the pregnancy, Ashley would often feel Lennon moving to music so Chris asked if he could bring his guitar into the NICU and play for Lennon, which he did for several hours during the last days of Lennon’s precious life.”

“Dear friends, family, and supporters; it is with an unbelievably heavy heart that I write this.
My little fighter, Lennon James Picco went to sleep in his daddy’s arms late last night.
He was surrounded by family, friends, and the best doctors, nurses and hospital staff in the world.
He was dressed in an outfit that Ashley bought for him, with little guitars on it, and wrapped in a blanket made by a dear friend.
I am so thankful for the four unforgettable days I got to spend with him.”

A memorial fund was set up to help Chris pay medical and funeral costs for his son and wife.


  • carl

    Dearest Chris Ashley and Lennon. .. for me life after death is in the hearts and minds of other’s thank you for sharing your story with me now you and your family live in my heart and mind … respectfully your’s Carl Chang

  • Vanessa

    Dearest Chris, Ashley & Baby Lennon,

    May god wrap his arms around you and your family to guide you and give you strength during this painful time. Sending prayers to you. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Meetch Martinez

    Dear Chris,

    There are no words to express my condolences. And even if there were, they’d still fall short.

    It’s moments like these that one can only hope to have accrued great strength, love, compassion,
    support, and grace. Only to be given away to those who need it.

    You deserve all of the love the world has to give. You certainly have mine.

    • CYNTHIA Adamson

      there are no words i have had a lot of lost i know your wife and son are together if you ever need to talk i am a good listener my hearts go out to you i never write to someone i dont know but i had to

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