Teen surrenders to officers after incident that forced four schools on lockdown

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MAGNA, Utah – A 14-year-old suspect surrendered to police Tuesday afternoon after a search that prompted four Magna schools to go on lockdown.

Brockbank Jr. High was placed on lockdown after police received a report that an armed juvenile was spotted near the school.

Granite School District officials also placed Cyprus High School, Pleasant Green Elementary and Magna Elementary on lockdown as police searched the area for the teen. The lockdowns were lifted shortly before 4 p.m.

According to the Unified Police Department, the teen surrendered to police near 8400 W 3100 S.

Granite School District officials said the weapon the teen had been spotted with was confirmed to be either a toy or a facsimile.

Lt. Justin Hoyal, UPD, said the teen has not been involved in any previous crimes Tuesday that they know about.


  • Jay

    So exactly what crime was committed? A 14 year old boy had a toy gun? How is that a crime? I had dozens of toy guns when I was 14.

    • Nancie

      You’re right, so did all 3 of my brothers and all 4 of my boys. But that was then this is now, and they put orange tips and other things on them so they don’t look so real and when you remove them you put your life and the lives of others at risk.

      • Veev

        Orange tips are a bad idea. Teaching common sense is not. If I was a criminal I would paint my guns tip orange just to confuse cops and others.

      • miles (dave)

        veev thats not a good idea i have ideas like what you just said all the time but i keep it to my self to keep from giving the bad guys bad ideas until some dummy gets him self killed by shooting someone with a orange gun dont talk about it. not on a open forum like this anyway.

    • miles (dave)

      im not so sure it said he committed a crime just that the schools were concerned about the possibility of it. as for the part where it says he turned him self in… well id say thats a very responsible boy its best that he told the authorities that it was him being harmless so they didnt keep wasting resources searching for someone and scaring everyone in the process.

    • westsider

      Jessica, your comment reveals how little you know about the good people on the west side. You have insulted my neighbors and me. Also, I teach in the school where this incident occurred; we have a great faculty, staff, administration, and, especially, students. I have lived on both sides of this valley, I prefer the good people on the west side.

    • Veev

      Lincoln Elementary is on the “east” side. It is a failing school due to the caliber of students. As to this incident, it could have happened anywhere.

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