Challenges that face the younger generation of veterans

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Veterans Day is a special day the nation sets aside to honor those who have served in the country’s armed forces.

Air Force Veteran Becky Kemp was in studio to talk about the challenges facing the younger generation of veterans.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


  • wick308

    WTF… An Airforce airmen, served in peace time, was away in Germany for Christmas.. Brings up the nasty girls (national guard) on Veterans Day and this was NEWS!! (Been away several Christmas, thanks givings, birthdays, and even decorced one tour causes wife was pregnant with another mans child) and unlike Germany in peace time I could not call home…. I bet she didn’t go to university and get called a baby killer by a fellow student ,cleché I know .. Or listen to the ramblings of professors about how what we did was wrong and we shouldn’t of been there.. Or even better self proclaimed humanitarians who have never done humanitarian work for families torn from their homes by Hesbula… Yes a lot of younger soldiers use the V.A. Becouse we have nothing else.. We have PTSD and some of us don’t even know it.. A veteran kills himself every 18 minutes without help.. Fox you should have gotten a combat Veteran.. I mean hell if you needed a female combat veteran I know plenty… The individual made things sound like unicorns and rainbows with short 6 month rotations in combat she knows nothing about.. Fox, just like many of the younger generation who didn’t serve.. You let us all down.. I faught under our American Flag for those who could not fight for themselves.. What a service right? A lot don’t think so…

    Medically Retired
    2 tours Iraq
    1 tour kosavo
    1 tour Haiti I’m 1997
    And multiple other small engagements

    • Class of "69

      Wick308… just a few comments in response to your message. First of all, thank you so much for your service. I appreciate it, as I do the service of any veteran. I too am a veteran of seven years in the army, part of that during the Viet Nam era, though I didn’t serve in Viet Nam. I was, however spat upon and ridiculed while serving in Germany in 1971. It was hard to understand, but I’ve grown to accept the things that happened during that period and since then. That doesn’t mean I like it. Having not served in combat, I will not know the anguish that so many men and women did, or the pain of those who’s family member didn’t return home.
      I thought I should comment though regarding your statements about the young lady in the video and the National Guard, etc. I know Becky, and served with her in the Air Force Reserve (I retired from reserve service after 26 years). Becky, along with a large number of “non combatants” have served well and honorably and swore the same oath that I did after being drafted in 1969. I realized a long time ago that anyone wearing the uniform, whether it be in combat or not is important to the security and strength of our country. It takes thousands of non-combatants to support the souls who fight on the front lines. Becky, and many like her have helped treat those who have been wounded, physically and emotionally. The National Guard and the Reserve is a very important aspect of the military strength of the U.S.A. My own son served on active duty for 3 years, and then stayed with the National Guard. His unit was activated, and he served for 13 months on a horrible deployment to Iraq. He saw death and destruction that will be with him for the rest of his life and I can do nothing to take those memories away.
      Again, thank you so much for your service and I am sorry for the treatment you have endured for so many years. Welcome home WICK308. Welcome home from all those who never said it but should have.

      • wick308

        Brother, it wasn’t so much the reserves or national guard. My point was the title said “challenges young veterans face” but it did not hit on the major challenges we face.. A lot of us are home now and many still out there.. I guess I just wanted awareness of an invisible wound most of us have .. Was a little stressed when I write this as I have just gotten into a PTSD inpatient program that lasts about 2 months and I will be away from my kids an wife for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Thank you for your service as well.. My dad was in the Airforce and never left for Vietnam.. I am great full .. Again sorry I was snappy.. Kinda comes with the non understanding of PTSD.. We are not violent psychopaths the media has portrayed us as.. We have actual visions from experiences we can meet get rid of.. Any way thanks again for I our comments

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