Utah man arrested for breaking into Sandy home, kidnapping girl from her bed

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SANDY, Utah - A 46-year-old man is in custody after officials said he kidnapped a 5-year-old child from her bed in her Sandy home. Morley kidnapping mug

Sandy Police said early Friday morning, Troy M. Morley broke into a home near 10600 S. and S. State St., went into the basement, took a 5-year-old girl from her bed and left the house.

Police said the child's parents woke up and found the suspect carrying their daughter across the front yard.

Officials said the father went out, confronted Morley and was able to rescue his daughter before the suspect ran.

FOX 13 News obtained the 911 call made from the child's mother.

"He went and grabbed her but he's out there somewhere," the woman said on tape. "I don't know how he got in here. We must have fallen asleep with the door unlocked but for him to come in here and have gotten to my children, they're in the basement."

Police said they used K-9 units to contain the area and caught Morley nearby within about 45 minutes.

Authorities said a neighbor woke up to her dogs barking in the basement and went down to investigate.

“I looked to see where the dog is at, and I saw a few things moved around a little bit and he was crouched up by the door without a shirt on," Tina Olsen said. "And he said something like, 'am I bad or in trouble' or something. I just started screaming and ran out the door."

Police said she found Morley had broken into her basement and was hiding from officers.

She said she saw police outside and yelled to them that Morley was in her house.

“It was horrible, yeah, I just, I can’t even, I was just petrified, I was so scared," Olsen said. "I can’t even imagine what maybe could have happened If I hadn’t gone down there."

Officers  tried to arrest Morley but he resisted.

They warned Morley and released the K-9 Unit on him after he didn't obey their commands. He was bitten on the shoulder and arm.

A family spokesman, Miles Holman, said the family is grateful the suspect was caught and their daughter is safe.

"They are very grateful for that," he said. "There was the presence about them that they woke up at the right time and confronted at the right time and solved this before it got even worse. I think there is a miracle in that story."

Officers said they are still investigating and at this time, do not know of any connection between Morley and the neighborhood or family.

Police said the family is doing well and talking with police to help with the investigation. Holman said the 5-year-old girl was not physically injured, and he said the family will continue to monitor her to make sure there are no emotional issues that stem from the incident.

Morley is now facing felony and misdemeanor charges including child kidnapping, burglary, trespassing and resisting arrest.

According to official records, Morley's criminal history includes a DUI conviction and other traffic violations.

Check back with FOX 13 for the latest developments on this story.

Kidnapping Morley PC statement


  • Bob

    Hopefully the suspect won’t be allowed to bail out of jail. The father should have taken a firearm with him and put the animal down.

  • Harleigh

    The guy made it off the front lawn & n2 the arms of the police? Nope. I would’ve been my own judge, jury and executioner! Case closed. Sorry but that’s MY daughter

  • Bobrocks

    I agree completely with Bob!! We need to send a message to creeps like this! If it were my daughter this jerk would have been shot.


      It isn’t the home owner who is now staring an extended prison sentence in the face. Of course if it goes to trial this animal’s lawyer could trying using it as an excuse.

  • Not Bob or Eric

    National news says that their backdoor was left open. Seriously?? Please don’t tell me this is true and these people are that stupid.

    • Valeri Frankel

      Thank you Chris…..that is what I was wondering? Mothers comment was very strange….. wasnt shocked so much as to her home being invaded but that he “got to her children” Like they were locked away and hidden. It was her daughter not her children and why didnt the girl scream or resist ? Why werent the other children awakened? Perhaps something more is going on here….

      • Beckah

        My guess is that they have a finished basement (which is very common) and that this is where the children have their bedrooms. I don’t see how this is indicative of “more going on”. As far as the girl not screaming, no but if you have children, you know that they sleep hard. Some harder than others, and most are used to mom and dad jostling them about in their sleep. From the car to bed, or from the floor in front of the TV to the couch or bed so being picked up likely wouldn’t feel unnatural. Sounds like the parents did an outstanding job rescuing their baby.

    • Uturn Uturn

      In the midwest, there are a lot of homes with finished basements. I’m talking about apartment-like in some cases. Refrigeration, plumbing the whole nine. My guess is this is something like that. Not the ole haunted basements of horror films and such.

  • Trish Ramirez

    Pretty low bar for miracle in Utah, apparently.

    You dummies.

    The miracle would be a deity that didn’t allow children to be snatched from their beds IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    No wonder you’re all so willing to give up 10% for the emperor’s new clothes.


  • John

    If a pervert is set on gaining access to your home to abduct your child, it would not matter if a door was dead bolted or wide open. A dead bolt would simply slow them down. Bravo for this Dad. I would be more than happy to spend life in prison to put a bullet in this evil predators head to protect an innocent child. Put this evil away forever.

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